Walking your dog is one of the simple pleasures in life; it’s great for both the body and mind of you and your four-legged friend. Walking together not only keeps you fit but also strengthens your bond and gives you time to think and relax as you stroll. 

However, there are some key points to remember in order to keep you safe when setting out with your hound. Ignoring these simple yet effective safety tips could see you in a spot of bother out on your adventures, and we shouldn’t rely on the courageousness of our dog to get us out of trouble.

Let’s take a look at some of the things you should remember when walking your dog because as they say, it’s better to be safe than sorry! 

Always Take Your Mobile Phone 

When setting off from home alone with your pooch in tow, it’s essential you carry your mobile phone so that you’re contactable can easily ring for help if the need arises. Remember though, it’s also a safety hazard to be distracted by using your phone when walking! Keep it in your pocket just in case. 

There are many reasons as why you might need to reach for your phone, for example; you get lost, need to call the emergency services, you have car troubles, or your dog falls ill. 

Having your mobile handy means you can seek assistance quickly and stay somewhere safe. You may have ventured a long way from home, so it’s important to stay put and get your bearings. This way, you can help describe exactly where you are for help to find you. 

Avoid Secluded Areas by Yourself 

After a long day, it can be tempting to walk your worries away by getting as far away from the hustle and bustle of life as possible. However, when walking alone, it’s crucial you keep your wits about you and decipher whether where you are walking is a safe place to be. 

You may feel invincible with your furry guardian by your side, but turning a corner into a secluded place is simply not worth the risk. There are many wide-open spaces for dog walkers to enjoy that are secluded enough to unwind but also safe for lone walkers. 

When walking the streets stick to familiar areas in which you feel comfortable and know the route to more populated areas if you feel you’re in danger, such as a local shop, school, or restaurants. 

Try Not to Walk Alone Late at Night 

We all lead busy lives that often mean we only get spare time in the evenings. The night rolls in, and it’s time to walk the dog, but before getting the leash out, choose a route that is safe at night or question if you need to be heading out at all. 

If you do decide on a nighttime stroll, then ask a family member to come with you for the exercise and chat, or stick to roads that are lit with street lights and don’t forget your mobile phone!. 

We all know the dangers that lurk in the night, and just because Fido is with you, it shouldn’t mean you ignore the years of safety rules your mother has taught you. 

If you’re fortunate to live in the sprawling countryside, then a flashlight is also a must, and a walking stick may be the deterrent needed for anyone or anything wishing you harm.  

Keep Your Dog Under Control 

A hot topic amongst dog owners is the control in which you and other walkers have of their pets. It can’t be said enough that if you plan to let your dog off the leash, then they should be sociable and have an excellent recall to protect them and others from harm. 

More often than not, however, dogs are set loose on walkways and in parks that are not friendly, causing fights and owners to get bitten in attempts to separate them. If this happens to you and your pet, you are within your rights to seek a claim through a personal injury lawyer. Lawyers at Diamond & Diamond state that dog bites leave behind a wake of devastation, therefore this type of incident should be taken very seriously and handled accordingly. 

Additionally, a dog out of control can cause a multitude of accidents if they run out into the road. You don’t want your canine to be hurt, nor do you want a lawsuit on your hands for causing a road accident. 

Enjoy Your Time With Mans Bestfriend 

Putting these safety tips into place will not only help you avoid danger when you’re with your buddy but also give you peace of mind so that you can relax and truly enjoy your time spent outdoors with your dog. 

Walking your dog is a great past time with multiple health benefits, so don’t let safety get in the way and be smart, especially when stepping out alone.