I’m no professional who is good in giving advices, especially in the field of education. But let me tell you, that I’m a student who has applied these steps that I’ll be sharing to you, which have proven effective for me. You might wonder why I’m sharing my tips on how to study effectively and prepare for a great text or a periodical examination. I’m doing this because I’m gonna have my monthly examination this coming July 17-18, which is a Thursday and Friday, respectively.

So, in order for myself to get prepared and wrapped up for a test, you could also be ready for yours when your examination comes, and maybe, you will find these little advices helpful for your own good. Now, let’s proceed.

I’m a 4th year high school student, stress is a very dominant problem to me, as my parents expect quiet much from me, I do expect much from me, and several other people do. It’s quiet hard maintaining many websites, study and take care of my friends at ones. But until now, I’ve managed to deal with it quiet well. How did I do that?

They key solution to stress is, not any anti-biotic or any drug, but you, yourself. It just depends on you how you deal with stress, yet the best way to cope with it, is to go with the flow. I mean, you should do something else, beside the stuff that keeps you stress, beside all the things that appear monotonous to your daily routine, do something that has no relation to anything stressful.

Reading a book would be one method, while another good way of getting over it is by simply hanging out with friends and having some good time. It’s very important to get over stress because it’s of no good to you at all, and you won’t be able to absorb anything or let’s say most of the stuff that you’ve been studying about.

Once you’re over stress, then, proceed 🙂

Hmm.. The most important thing would be, what every teacher and parent would remind us of. Study in advance, read your text books at home, browse your notes and etc; well, it’s really helpful if you do so. Studying advance won’t harm you. You don’t need to memorize everything, you don’t need to understand everything (but it’s better if you would), just familiarizing the lessons and understanding the key pointers of every lesson is good enough to give you a flying passing mark at the examination. Studying at the last minute is of no good either, because you will be stressed, and that is proven and I’ll assure you that.

You don’t need to really dig yourself into books, but reading your textbooks here and there is of great help not only for the examination but for class discussion as well. It really speaks its difference, between someone who learns in school and someone who’s ahead of the crowd and almost doesn’t sits down anymore because he or she is always reciting in behalf of her or his classmates (I’m a example of that, really).

So, here you have it. You studied advance, you had some good time, stress is gone, and you’re ready to go. But no, you aren’t. Another important note is that you should eat lightly on the evening prior the examination. Eating too much at evening either way is not really recommended. Especially for great events or examinations that will follow.

I usually sleep at around 1 in the morning and wake up around 6. It’s quiet tiring for me having only 5 hours rest everyday, but somehow I get over it. But really do not do this on nights before examinations. You need rest, as much rest as possible, don’t worry about the lessons because supposedly if you did do as said above, you have studied everything time ahead the test. So just take your rest and be ready for tomorrow. It’s very advisable to get rid of stress and to avoid falling asleep once the boring english test comes along with the hundreds of sentences to read (just a little exaggerate..)

With all these little pointers followed, you won’t have any problem. You will sure pass your test. If not mistaken, the first periodic examination for the Philippine Elementary and High School Students will be this coming August, so, me, as a fellow Teen would like to recommend to you, to start reviewing now, it’s better now than later!