Before I proceed feeding you with new information here, I would like to recap a few of the most recent blogging tips that I have written here for you. I started off by reminding you that you should always make your thoughts come true by acting them out, I reminded you on ways on how to keep track and take care of your comments in the second edition, while my stellar third discussed means and ways on how to increase your readership by annoying your readers the least, especially the loyal ones.

Now, if in case all of the tips that I shared still failed, and you still experience a time of adversity in terms of scarcity of visits, scarcity of comments, low income from your advertisement, or any other factors that went down, here are a few tips that should guide you through the time of adversity. I myself, is experiencing a time of adversity right now, with less than 800 visitors per day from the usual 2,000 that hit Pinoy Teens on average during the first three months of 2009.

Ask yourself these questions, and maybe you’ll come to a conclusion:

  1. Did you take care of your comments?[1. from Blogigng Tip 2.] – Or did you just carelessly blogged away without visiting other sites to get something in return from a few of them? With nothing, comes nothing,unless you’re such a popular personality or such a good content writer you know, but if you would be one, I’m pretty sure you won’t be reading on this tips because you ain’t have any problems then.
  2. Did you do what you wanted?[2.from Blogging Tip 1.] – Actually this is in relation to the blogging tips that I have shared with you before, where I mentioned that you need to execute your thoughts in physical means, but not only keep them mentally, it won’t help you keeping these wonderful ideas in your mind!
  3. What’s your own thought about your blog? – Do you consider your blog to be one of the best? How do you consider the content of it, is your content displaying your personality or are you just forced to write? If you’re just forced to do so, I highly recommend to end your blogging career today and get back any time soon when you don’t feel that way anymore.
  4. Do you have blogger friends? – Some might have less, some might have many, but after all, it’s not the quantity that matters, but the qualityof your friends, and also their blogs who would link you up. These friends are the foundation of your link building, find good friends, and also be good to them too.
  5. Are you determined to step up? – Just like work in real time, blogging often asks extra time from you, dropping, if you’re an EC user, link building for those seeking higher PR and thus, SERPs. It often asks a lot of energy from you and you need to be determined and steadfast with your decision to get your blog back going again.

These are just few of the questions that you could ask yourself to figure out the mistake that you did along the way, but I won’t be leaving you behind with a clueless you, without helping you out!

  • In Need of Traffic? Entrecard! – Though I cannot assure you that you get high quality traffic from them, all I know is that you’ll do get traffic. And even comments when you’re content is as good as it could be;) It’s effective for start up bloggers like most of us are.
  • In Need of Money?  Sponsored Reviews! – Though it is not highly recommended but once you’ve got a foot up and standing, you might want to get independent, get your self on a paid host and get things going your own way, money plays a big factor, and Sponsored Reviews can give you a big amount depending on the quality of your content.
  • In Need of a New Design? Elegant Themes! – Elegant Themes is one of the best theme clubs for WordPress that exist at present, even if WooThemes has got higher quality themes, the price for Membership at Elegant Themes is exceptionally low and irresistible for those who have collected a few dollars by following my other tip, of making use of SP to earn money. Of course, there are also free options out there, and a lot of high quality themes can be found at SimpleThemes.Net or the blog that gave us this theme in a contest, BlogOhBlog.Com. For some piece of our very own “Filipino” Community, you could use Themes from the famous Theme Designer Chiq Montes, just like her Blogwerx Theme.
  • USE WORDPRESS – The biggest mistake that people nowadays could make is using something else aside of WordPress, something that I hate, and a lot of others hate as well. WordPress[3. The number 1 Open Source Blogigng Software.] is the one and only blogging software that you should take advantage of. It might appear complicated for you at first, but just like a WordPress Apprentice of mine who is up on a stellar performance recently[4. He was a former blogspot user, you know.] you might just get things going just like him. Of course, you should be using the self hosted version of WordPress to be able to place your advertisements. It’s not that I’m pointing out that the other softwares are not that good, but hey, famous blogs and famous online personalities are on WordPress, so why not you and I?
  • If Google Adsense is not working, then proceed with something else, well, what is that something else? You could give adbrite a try, they pay even better than Adsense at times, and that’s a first hand experience of mine.[5. 70 US Dollar Monthly income.]

I hope that this fourth episode of the blogging tips series of mine will be of equal or if not, more help than the other tips that I had. To make sure that you are up-to-date with our articles on Pinoy Teens, like Entertainment News, or other tips for your blog and blogging work, subscribe to us via RSS (use Google Reader, if possible) or get updates delivered straight to your email via email subscription. Also don’t forget to leave comments below to share your ideas, opinions, reactions or suggestions to get a discussion going.