I noticed in a breeze how the incoming visits for Ekonomiks (economics) related search terms went sky high today, something that has made me ponder my mind on two facts. There are a lot of students who are looking up the internet to find answers to their questions, and that I cannot accommodate them all anymore since I’m no High School Student anymore. But I believe a lot of our readers are that’s why I’ve got something here for you a little deal that you might find persuasive to take advantage from.

We are in need of Students who are willing to share whatever knowledge they have got nailed on their notebook, publish their assignments online, share their notes with other students on this blog and get a little bit exposed. We cannot promise any payroll but we’ve got some goodies in store for all of those who are willing to work here with us, or should I say, for those who are willing to share information they know here with us. Now, the question is, how can you join and be part of the crew?

It’s easy, you need to leave a comment here with a valid email address and a name which will be your username on this blog, you may also leave your chat I.D -we won’t have it publicly displayed but moderate all comments to ensure your privacy- so that we can contact you faster and a.s.a.p, once you are cleared to serve information to our student readers you will be given log in details which enables you to write articles and publish them on this blog. You can talk about Mathematics, English, Filipino or any other high school subject that you like to discuss here. The least thing that is in store is that the three most active contributors for the education sector will receive 500 Pesos worth of Mobile Load or cash (via gCash) if that is what they prefer. But these amounts may increase depending on the number of people who are willing to join this project, to educate!

So if you are one heck of a High School Lessons Writer and note taker in school, it’s your chance to gain the spot light with Pinoy Teens, one of the most popular information, entertainment, educational teen blogs in the Philippine Blogoshpere, and if not, the only one of its kind!

REMINDER: To all applicants for the High School Student Lesson Writer, please ensure that you are a high school student and that you can at least share one informative post about any subject per week. Make sure you have a valid email address and a username you don’t regret to take. And, if there is anything else bugging you like the payment and other things, please let us know below.