I have always gotten my news from a couple different news apps, but then I got to thinking about how reliable they really are. So, I started looking into other news apps and how trustworthy or reliable they are, and I came across the list of some of the best news sources out there. I was surprised to learn a bit more about them, and actually found a new source I prefer over the other two. 

Trustful Worldwide News Apps

Check out the app listed above, but do keep reading to find out what I discovered in my search for trusted worldwide news apps. 

Finding Trusted & Unbiased in Recent Reporting

The most important part of an unbiased news source is providing a worldwide audience with facts and unbiased news, not over dramatizations. For example, BBC News is known for its quality reporting from countries all over the world. with a single click on your smartphone, you can get the latest news about your country and others, ultimately improving international relations. Within the app, you can section for news feeds, different features depending on what you’re interested in learning about, and where you live. Notably, you can turn these features off and on, depending on your preference. So, if you don’t want the apps to read your personal data in order to decide for you what should be in your news feed, you can turn off syncing. That way, you can decide what you want to read instead of the app, if you prefer to read unbiased news, you probably have a good idea of where to get the information you want to read. 

Entertainment & Interesting News

However, not all apps are in the business of reliable reporting, some apps are meant for entertainment and uniquely interesting news for you. This means that the app is designed to show you news that you would enjoy reading. A great example of this is the Reddit News Feed. This app implores information from all corners of the Internet, from social media to live streams to gifs and anything else you can think of. This app pulls from all areas of the Internet, with your personal preferences in mind, to show you the most interesting topics for you and any individual that downloads the app. To make it your own, you can like or subscribe to topics you are interested in, and prioritize them in terms of most recent, most popular, or most controversial. There are even free apps that offer different options in how you see the information they provide. You can choose a night mode with a black background or different color themes to customize your news experience. There are also apps that allow you to join more than one news source and get all the information from each in one location. These world news apps can let you even be apart of the news process by posting and sharing content, chatting with other users or discussing topics. Ultimately, subscribing to a couple of different news sources allows you to create your personal feed of information. 

Getting News Reports In Summary Form or Offline

Importantly, the aim of news apps is to scour and analyze the billions of articles and news reports out there to give you a wealth of information. Then, the app categorizes the information for easier retrieval for the user. The great thing about news apps, is they are truly customizable. From themes and backgrounds, to when and if you want notifications, to what time and what headline reports you to want to read first. Some apps have even gone a step further, so no matter whether you are in low or high Wifi range, you can still receive the news in real-time. One way they are able to do this by limiting graphics in articles. Apps also vary in how they deliver the news. For example, a minimalist news source or a source that is focused on giving you facts in a concise way may shrink a report down to a couple of sentences in order to give you the basic facts of the report, in which you can find more details in the feed if you want to read more. Other options include watching news clips or hearing reports read aloud, as well as reporting you are able to access offline. There are even apps that feature composite views of the user’s world. 

In Conclusion

News apps can vary in not only the content they aim to deliver but how they deliver it in length and visualization. Not only can apps vary, but every user can customize these news apps to give them then news they are most interested in first, the ability to read when offline, as well as connectivity to other users by engaging in discussions.