No doubt, the Filipino Community is pretty chismosa, when it comes to controversial news about our local celebrities, like in the case of sexy star Katrina Halili and the former Dr Hayden Kho who were both caught on tape on a leaked sex video that Hayden was said to have recorded for fun and for his barkada‘s [1. refers to group of Friends in Tagalog.] to watch. Pagmamayabang, in Filipino terms.

Why are we making a big deal about celebrities who engage in such immoral acts?

It could possibly be that we have adopted traits of other nations who love doing so, I won’t pin point at any nation but I strongly believe that engagement in sexual activities has never been of Filipino Origin.

It saddens me to know, that a feminine artist of such high reputation got involved into such a scandal, but make no mistake, if she would not have literally f*cked Hayden Kho -who is was the boyfriend of Vicky Belo- then this would not have happened. Don’t you think so?

You can put all the blame on Hayden Kho, or you can be one of the thousands who bash Katrina Halili for what she did with her lover that moment in that 25-30 minute intimate scenario of pleasure. But what about you? You, the audience of the video, the ones seeking for the video, watching it, asking your friends and searching the internet to find it? You’re not much better than Katrina nor Hayden nor any other girl Hayden was caught on tape with.

It saddens me to know, that not only adults at the offices of their respective work places are making fun of the video, or in Filipino terms pinag-piyestahan. But due to the hurling merciless media that continues reporting about the video, the artist and related news around this issue, even our younger brothers and sisters have started paying attention to something that should not even be discussed yet to kids of such age.

We’re becoming more and more independent, and less humane. We only look at other people’s mistake but don’t look at ourselves. Is that what the Filipino has become? Or are we just contemporaneous blinded and hanging on to the media bandwagon of the scandal? I won’t deny that I have ridden along with the other thousands of readers of this blog, my personal blog and the organizational blog who were up looking for the video; but I never shared the video with anyone nor have I left publicly viewable links to sites that showcase their lustful foreplay. It was you, the community around this website who kept the evil spirit alive and detoriated the human rights of either parties.

Your comments, are your comments, and as long as you won’t bash the people working behind the scene, the comments will be yours, that’s why we did not delete a single one of them. Don’t blame us when people started sharing links for the video, blame yourselves who are looking for the video.

You can consider yourself curious about the video, but that does not makes you less innocent and guilt free than the other people who are greedy to watch it. If you strongly believe that Hayden Kho and Katrina Halili have displayed something false in whatever you may call it that they have done, consider thinking about YOU, who are watching it, just to have fun.

I hate it when Katrina Halili and Hayden Kho related news pop up in National Television, Updates about the case that might be thrown at Kho for the Sex Video with Halili or his other female partners in the past. I believe, it is something that should not be discussed so openly on the news where our younger citizens can witness how low on moral the Filipino community is. I believe we’re in no way better than them, if we not condemn displaying such eww news on television and move on with news of something more meaningful – Pacquiao disappeared in the news and was replaced with hours of Halili reports -.

Move on, guys. paQs & CesS

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