Hello everyone and welcome to year 2016. The new year craze has made its run throughout the world, that is from +14 UTC to -12 UTC, and all of us are now at January 1, 2016. For sure, there’ll be plenty of students who will get the year wrong on their quizzes and assignments for the next couple of weeks!

Like in our wrap up for 2015, there’s plenty in store for 2016. We have big aspirations this year and we will do our part in pursuing these aspirations. Some of the things that you could expect to see more of here on Pinoy Teens will be viral content, because that’s really the thing nowadays. Small-sized content that you our readers would just love to share with your other friends, followers and fans on your respective social media channels. We won’t be making a dedicated blog for it. We’ll simply be adding that content here on Pinoy Teens.

Also in the works is more evergreen content as promised in our State of Pinoy Teens 2016. We’re truly aiming high as we intent to break the 4,000,000 visitors deadlock that we should have met a few years back had we met our projected visitors count in 2012.

I’m grateful that Pinoy Teens is hitting 8 years already. 8 years of being online. It’s a great feat, no matter how little the traffic seems to be nowadays. I had a lot of fun with this blog, and I’m looking forward to have even more fun in serving informative, educative and entertaining content to our readers.

Once again a happy new year to us all! I hope you celebrations across the globe has been a blast and that you are ready for whatever challenges lie ahead of you. Remember to think positive and have an optimistic outlook in life. For you cannot attain your goals and feel happy and wealthy with a pessimistic mindset. Cheers to more memories and moments in 2016!

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