Don’t be so snobby, please great me by leaving a comment below. It’s my birthday EC Users, ReadersFriends and plurk mates! Hope to hear from you!

Oh yes, how insane, I’m greeting myself a happy birthday, my birthday is just a couple of hours away, but I’m really excited about how many people are going to greet me for this birthday of mine πŸ™‚ Let’s see if there are a few who care to at least say Happy Birthday and visit to leave a comment here once in a while, if not a life time. No, don’t spoil me yet, it’s still good two hours away but it isn’t bad to have a post about my birthday out already, don’t you think the same way too? πŸ˜›

Growing older on the net, too

Anyways, this gotta be my 18th birthday, about a year and a quarter since I entered the online world with nothing in my hands and here I am, having almost everything that I ever wanted to achieve on the internet, but the last thing that I really want to own is/are your greetings. Haha. Please be so kind to leave a comment below and say hi, hello to the other readers of this blog. πŸ™‚

So once again, there you go, Happy 18th Birthday Kevin Paquet (it really sounds odd greeting myself, somehow).

For those who have been asking when and where the Birthday Party is going to be held, I’m sorry but I have to disappoint you that there won’t be any part this week, but it will be moved to another date because I’ll be pretty busy tomorrow with other things.


Let’s say, I don’t have the financial capabilities yet to host my own birthday and invite my friends around here, but I sure loved to if some Plurkers and fellow bloggers would come on the 20th which is the set date for the delayed party of my 18th year on earth, see you all soon!