How often have I failed to do what I want? How often have I returned from where I come? It’ll finally take it’s last stand this June 13, 2009 when Pinoy Teens will say goodbye to the blogoshpere, and when Pinoy Teens will become part of the historic “Philippine” blogoshpere-ic side of things (if a word like that exists). It has shockedclosed a few people in a sudden when I announced about the closure of Pinoy Teens midway of 2009, but it looks like I’ve been left no other choice, the damage has been done, and it’s time for me to move on.

Pinoy Teens has served me since 2007 when I was still a noob in the online community, I ran a forum, which made his very own waves but I’ve never reached this far, this far that Pinoy Teens has been as a blog.

It looks effortlessly in other people’s eye, some find it disturbing and others praise me for my accomplishments at this young age, but no, I don’t think that I’m to be worshiped, praised or appreciated for anything that I have created through Pinoy Teens Online. This weblog has served enough damage to my reputation and it’s time to end it, right here, and right now. I’m letting go of this blog to get rid of the calling “Mr Pinoy Teens” and the likes that always recalls a bad memory about me in other people’s mind.

I don’t know, but maybe, I’m really just a little bit too affected by what has happened these past 12 hours but probably, this is the best decision that I can take, saying goodbye to one part of my life that has dominantly occupied too much time and too much space already, which is my blogging habbit. All my great plans of starting a forum and having a featured teen category boost the readership of this blog are going to drown in water and so is Pinoy Teens which has been one heck of a amazing blog during his a year and a quarter stay on the web.

Reasons why I’m closing down…

  • Lack of Inspiration
  • Lack of Friends
  • Lack of Motivation
  • Takes a bit too much of my time
  • Takes a bit too much of my life..

It’s not only Pinoy Teens that I’ll be stopping, but pro-blogging, hereby as well.

I’m shamed by my crappy content, my bad English and everything that I have written here, I feel like I’m worth nothing, and so is this blog.

If there is anyone who wants to rescue this website and has good intentions with it, I might pass it onward to you so that you can get things going once again, but from my point of view, everything looks so hopeless, the thorns are too deep, and the wounds are wide open.