I’ve always wanted to release a WordPress related article on this blog ever since, so wanted Kevin to bring up this topic that I’ll be sharing on his behalf. Being in the blogoshpere for quiet some time, and being a curious organization led and run by Teenagers like me and him, we’ve tried almost every single plugin that appeared interesting and useful to us. We’ve learned about their pros and cons and here we go, naming some good plugins, we don’t really recommend.

1. Share This – We’ve been using this plugin just for a couple of hours only, and we’ve noticed the side effect right away. Having this plugin enabled and the buttons not even showing on the homepage but the article singlepost.php only, the whole blog will still appear slow, even without seing this on the page you’re viewing. It’s only recommended for faster servers, and well, there are really a few better plugins that do the same thing but more than this one.

2. WP Threaded Comments – This plugin has been one of our favorite, but take note, it just has been one of our favorites, because we’ve found out that the ajax option of this plugin causes very high server load. Especially when a lot of people are posting comments like people did here during the PBB Season 2 times a few months back. We had to disable it and run another alternative instead.

3. WP Comment Relish – this plugin has been considered as one of the most dangerous plugins out there, causing a lot of server load for just a simple tasks its assigned to do.

4. WP Ajax Edit Comments – this is a plugin that spammers love. If ever you run your blog open (auto-approve comments) or if you set them on moderation and approve them right away (example: you’re online that time the comment has been posted and see nothing wrong with it). Spammers can take advantage of that and easily edit the comment that they have left in the time frame of big 5 minutes. It’s also been known to ’cause high server load on blogs where people comment most.

5. Last but not the least, for WordPress 2.6 beta users, we highly recommend that you won’t make use of Blog Metrics. It’ll show some strange errors on the all admin pages of your blog administration.

Did you have trouble yourself with any of the listed plugin? Know any plugin that makes you trouble which is not found on our list? Let us know, the comment box is open for all your criticism.