Both Globe and Smart are spearheading the Philippine Cellular Industry with their awesome services and fancy value-added-services, but it’s Globe who strikes first to hit the Unlimited Calling Scene between rivals Smart.

It’s actually not the latest news, but still woth posting about despite the fact we’re already a month or two in to their Calling Promo, called UNYT 20. It’s so easy to register for Unlimited Calls, but heck, it’s quite difficult to connect to your buddy on the other end.

Registering to the Unlimited Calls is just like you would register to any other service provided by Globe, you need to type “UNYT <space> 20” and send it to 2868. Wait for the confirmation message that you’re finally registered and that you can start chit chatting with your friends from 11 in the evening down to 6 in the morning.

The times alloted for the Unlimited Calling is still quite unreasnable and uncomfortable, but so far, it’s better than nothing for the Globe and Touch Mobile Users who seek to interact with family, loved ones and friends the fastest and easiest way besides the internet, which offers a lot of common mobile services for free.

Go ahead, try Globes Unlimited Calls now, for only 20 Pesos a day, or should I say a fourth day? :p