Disclaimer: Now that I have finished this blog article and read through it, it may sound like an advertisement for Globe – but it isn’t. Globe Telecom has in no way done anything or offered anything that influenced this post. In short: This is not a paid post.

Being a long time Globe User and all (and now a somewhat Postpaid user as well thanks to Load Tipid Plan that my Mom got me), I thought it would be nice to give some credit where it’s due and show the readers of Pinoy Teens our hardcore Globe-ness.

Here’s a list of some of the most memorable things I can remember ever since being a Globe User since 2004/2005.

Sim Swapping Days – back then, sim swapping was the way to go for telcos in order to lure subscribers of the other network over. SIM cards the contained a very generous amount of load (100php) and since I had friends on both Sim swap dealer’s ends, I just traded a few sims back and forth – sharing the load of the Globe sims to my main sim. This’ probably one of the reasons why Globe and other telcos as well reduced the amount of load in new sims. (Aside from also reducing the Prices of the SIM Cards)

Globe’s TXTNONSTOP15 – the first ever Unlimited Texting Service I availed was of course, from Globe. I started out my texting life with Globe’s TXTNONSTOP promos that changed the shape of mobile communication in the Philippines forever while also being the first stepping stone in making the Philippines the texting capital of the world. It came in the variety of 15 for a day, 25 for 2 and just 50 pesos for 5 days Globe to Globe/TM texting. Registration then was a bit tedious and not as streamlined as today. You’d get a text confirming your application to the promo, but you’d still have to wait another text confirming that your application to TXTNONSTOP is activated. It’s just a small gripe though for a promo that started it all.

2870 – 2870 literally became my best friend. It was the gateway to many great Globe promos then and has served the users well until somewhere 2009 when a more centralized and unified 8888 took over.

Rise of the Texting Clans – Unlimited Texting opened a whole new world to many teenagers back then. No more shortcut texts, no more need to fill every single text up to its 159th character just so you won’t waste a peso. It was the start of the texting clans. Group of people who’d create a small (or sometimes rather huge) community texting each other on a daily basis – Sending group messages and all.

From TXTNONSTOP to UNLIMITXT – Ever since the introduction of the TXTNONSTOP promo, people started to fear if this promo will come to an end one day – and everything will be boring again. Whilst TXTNONSTOP did come to an end at some time late 2005 if not mistaken, a new promo replaced it soon after – UNLIMITXT15 which was basically just the same as their first unlimited texting iteration with a much more decent name, in my opinion.

UNLITXT, the introduction of a more unified and centralized 8888 access number and the price hike – instead of hoping that prices would go down – they went up. But at least Unlimited Texting wasn’t gone. Just the prices we were used to were gone. UNLITXT brought the unlimited texting offer of Globe to prices like 20 for a day, 40 for 2 and 80 for 5 if not mistaken. Many jump off the boat then and switched sides – but of course I remained. If you were witty enough and a bit lucky you might have noticed that you could also register to UNLITXT10 but I’m not sure when that Easter Egg was introduced. I’m not even sure if that’s still applicable today. (I’m frequently registering to 3 different promos right now)

UNYT and 2868 – In the advent of Unlimited Text, Unlimited Calls were not far off. The other networks’ push of their Unlimited Call and Text Promos via their 258 gate gained a lot of traction. Yet Globe had the more attractive offer in my opinion – and that’s their Unlimited Calls Night promo, UNYT 20. UNYT 20 allowed me to call my friends and talk with them all night long for only 20 Pesos and a consistent 15 to 30 minute cut in between calls (but you could of course just dial again to talk with them). UNYT20 paired with UNLITXT taxed my loading needs each day to around 40-45 Pesos – but I didn’t mind. UNYT was close to the best thing to happen to me on Globe, but, subjective thought well behind me now.

SULITXT – A little black sheep on this list, but quite memorable, too, is Globe’s Sulitxt. For 15php you could send 100 messages to fellow Globe/TM users. Not quite the promo you’d go with on a tight budget – but always my fallback option when registration to Unlimited Texting wasn’t working for me.

Davao only SUPERLAHAT20 – In 2011, Globe changed how I used my mobile phone in a great, great way. Their Davao only SUPERLAHAT20 offering, which comes with Unlimited Globe/TM Texting, 50 (later on increased to 100) text to other networks, 100 minutes consumable call to Globe/TM, 5 SMS abroad and 1 hour consumable mobile internet was THAT one package I’ve been waiting for so long. It was perfect while it lasted. Oh yes, I can see some jealous faces in the crowd now! Definitely one of Globe Prepaid’s best services ever.

POWERSURF99 – Registering to its brother, SUPERSURF (50PHP/day unlimited internet) is quite expensive for me, given that we have Tattoo @ Home, makes Powersurf99 the best alternative on the go. For 99PHP I’d get consumable 50mb mobile internet to consume in 30 days. Perfect for keeping in touch with folks on Twitter and Facebook, and for checking out Google Maps when I get lost somewhere on my Galaxy Y.

SUPERLAHAT30 – The closest promo to the old Davao-only SUPERLAHAT20 is its predecessor, SUPERLAHAT30. Given that I’ve got quite a lot of textmates on both sides of the fence, this one was the way to go in most cases. It allowed me to send unlimited messages to all networks and gave me a 100 minute consumable Globe/TM call allotment all to be used in 2 days – thus at 15PHP per day. Of course, there’s also UALL15, but it only gives you 10 minutes of call and just lasts for 1 day.


Globe's SUPERUNLI25 in it's first iteration as SUPER25

Globe’s SUPERUNLI25 in it’s first iteration as SUPER25

And last but not the least, the flagship unlimited promo: SUPERUNLI – this all-out unlimited Call/Text to Globe/TM users with a consistent 15 minute cut in between calls (you can of course always dial again) has become better and better. Back then, registration was a bit tedious, not everyone was able to avail of the said promo, and the network quality seemed a bit sluggish. None of that today anymore though, registration is as swift as ever, and you don’t have to keep calling 3-5 times just to get through.

What are your current favorite Globe promos What were promos that you used to register to in the past? Yeah, you’ve finished reading this long post (congrats!), so… mind to share something in the comments? 🙂