Last year, Globe brought us the groundbreaking innovation of “Choose your own promo” and other special perks by pushing through *143#. And now, this 2013, Globe brings us yet another first – not only in the Philippines, but amongst all Prepaid services worldwide – GoSAKTO.

Looks like I can throw my list of favorite Globe Promos into the trash bin now, because now I can truly enjoy Globe Prepaid the way I want. (Lucky me, I’m a Immortal Load Tipid Subscriber)

If Globe’s *143# was dubbed as “choose your own promo”, GoSAKTO this time around, allows you to “create your own promo”; and to truly call it your own, you can name that promo you’ve created and share it with the rest of the million Globe Prepaid subscribers!

This groundbreaking innovation of Globe allows you to break free of the barriers and the suggestions that networks lay down to you. No need for YOU to ADJUST to what they THINK is RIGHT for you – it’s your choice now, to create the promo that is PERFECT for you and your needs.

As a start, I have created my own little GoSAKTO promo right now and called it PTEENS01. It offers the following services:

  • 10 Minutes Call to All Networks
  • 50MB Mobile Internet
  • Valid for 3 days

Reason why I picked the choices above is because I am still currently registered to Globe’s GOUNLI500 (Unlimited Call to Globe/TM, Unlimited Text to All Networks, Valid for 30 days), so masasayang lang din kung dagdagan ko pa ng text service.

See? That’s how Globe GoSAKTO rolls. You can use it along with other promos that you like, or create a whole call, text and surf combo that’s perfect for you. As for now, my tailor-made PTEENS01, is all I need for my next three days of surfing on the go with calls to a few friends from “the other side of things”.

To know more about GoSAKTO, feel free to do any of the following:

  • Visit
  • Visit
  • Search Twitter for the hashtag #GoSAKTO
  • Ask our friendly Globe Pals at @enjoyGLOBE and @talk2GLOBE
  • Leave a comment below, maybe I can be of help too, given my long history with Globe Prepaid.
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