I’m excited to bring you news from Globe Telecom. Last week, Pinoy Teens along with members of the Traditional Media were invited to the announcement and unveiling of the Davao Media Excellence Awards. What it is? Just read on!

After giving out awards for excellent journalistic performance in Metro Manila, we thought, why not award also the provincial press in Visayas and Mindanao?

Hence, we first unveiled an excellence awards in Cebu during the Cebu Press Freedom Week. And just after a few weeks, here we are in Davao.

Globe Telecom decided to launch the Davao Media Excellence Awards because we believe this will provide the provincial media community with the kind of support that fosters excellent performance by professional journalists.

Globe shares with you, the desire for peace that fosters economic development in a land rich in resources, culture, and top caliber people. It’s no secret that excellent journalism plays a significant role in realizing the vision of a peaceful and progressive Mindanao.

Recognition will be shall be given to the superb peformances by print, radio, and television reporters for their day-to-day coverage as well as feature stories on the following areas:

  • Busincess / Economy / Finance
  • ICT / Environment, disaster response / Enterpreneurship
  • Youth / Education / Peace and Social Progress

New Media gets a stint in Globe’s Media Excellence Award

After the world entered the second decade of what we now call the information age, blogging has gained momentum and significance in social and political change. For several years in Davao City, there has been a growing and dynamic blogging community.

In recognition of this significant phenomenon, we will be giving out a Blogger of the Year Award.