And that trend doesn’t tends to end anytime soon. It was just like yesterday when I thought that I was the craziest, weirdest and most insane girl in the whole universe when I entered a field I should enter at my early age of seventeen. But how much more, insane, crazy and weird are the girls of the not-so-distant generations that are just a couple of ages behind of me and the fellow Pinoy Teens Staff?

It wasn’t too long ago when crazy admin Kevin fell in love with a young women which resides at Philippines current most active volcano’s footsteps in Legaspi.

It wasn’t too long either when that crazy girl committed an immortal sin that changed her life forever.

And look, what we’ve got here again, a pretty much the same like the one about 11 months back. A situation that could easily be avoided if we’d open our eyes to the reality and apply a bit common sense to our actions before we actually do them.

I am very sure that isn’t the lone case that is about to happen – or has happened – since the young friend of mine changed her destiny. And I’m also very sure that this trend will go on and go on…

Every time I hear girls having problems like the ones I’m discussing here makes me wonder how they’ve ended up in deep holes like that. I mean, don’t they have any respect for themselves? Don’t they love themselves? ARE THEY EVEN THINKING?

I know, some are truly ignorant, but I can cite you cases in which girls act as they know-everything, but end up with absolutely nothing, hence, the case of Kevin’s dear friend was indeed not like that. That’s why we became friends after all.

It saddens me when females of ages 15 and below ask me the question if they should offer their everything to their boyfriends. It infuriates me every time I hear boys talk about these poor kids, taking advantage of their ignorance and then just trashing them aside.


I don’t know, if asking a bit self respect and respect for the girls is too much to ask from all of you. All I know is that we shouldn’t commit such moral crimes at young, innocent ages like that. We shouldn’t even talk about them, think about them, and even DO them.

Your Boyfriend Ain’t Love You

I tell you, it’s true. No sincere boyfriend would ever BEG you (even ask you) to engage into PMS (pre-marital sex). BIRTHDAY GIFT? CHRISTMAS GIFT? ANNIVERSARY? MONTHSARY? To hell with all their reasons, I know, you know, many know that those are mere excuses to reach your juice. We won’t let that happen, we don’t want it to happen to any of you reading this website or anyone in the Philippines (and even the world at large).

Please, wake up, (bitches). Those boys are not good enough for you, and don’t deserve you. If someone really loves you, they can and will wait for the right time, and you know that they do. Unless you’re that kind of whore who feels the same temptation and wants to get away with a few minutes of good time, and (maybe) a disaster good of a life time.