For the past couple of days, Friendser had a enormous long downtime which is pretty unusual, even Plurk had a little maintainance every now and then, but the 8th biggest social network being down for more than 24 hours is a huge deal already, especially for people from the Philippines who are so much into Friendster.

You could almost tell if someone is just a poser when he or she has a Friendster or not, even I have a friendster, despite the fact that I only use it once a while when I really have nothing else to do or when I’m too tired of blogging.

Where is the biggest social network of Southeast Asia, the Philippines most specifically heading to? To nowhere? But what about the many avid members it has that are very much in pain because of this unexpected time out?

Don’t worry my friend, I have a lot of solutions at hand, and one of those that I’d like to introduce to you is the micro blogging service named Plurk, which makes a lot more sense to me than Friendster or other social networks.

Like I said, plurk is a social micro blogging service, in which you stay updated about your friends and loved ones via short bits of information on what you are doing, where you are and whatever comes in your mind which you want to share. It’s like a minimalist kind of diary that keeps up with you in handy solutions, via text or via the website itself.

Get a life and get ready to plurk now!