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Hello once again to all of you,

This is it, the Pinoy Teens Online flashback 2009 edition. Recapping the most exciting and extraordinary events that happened on this very website during the past twelve months. Before I proceed, I would like to thank everyone especially all of our email subscribers who have been sticking around with us for a while already. We very much appreciate you participating through reading our articles.

In January issues with my internet connection and various other Davao based contributors in contract with Globe Broadband had a very bad time in delivering articles for you, one thing that started the domino effect that until lately has been occurring pulling this sites stats, authority, reputation and whatsoever down. We witnessed the flooding of Cagayan de Oro City and posted some commentary and reasons why such event could have happened. Who, among other topics doesn’t remember the School Controversy that I was in for posting negative feedback about a particular school event at my high school that got the attention of the Principal? I must say I was impressed during the first week of this year due to the PR 4 status of this site back then, but on romantic ends I had to eat my words bout a good year early on,too.

I shared with you my experience of the Juniors Seniors Promenade 2009 which made some of you recall your own. Plurked reached the classrooms and the attention of the teachers and started getting banned in Computer Laboratories nationwide, or even globally; well it is really addictive, isn’t it? Let me reveal to you something, people from BBC tried cooperating/partnering with me in order to get some strict Filipino families for their proposed reality television show in the U.K, but it looks like I made a mess of it. Who among all the thousands of Sarah Geronimo fans wasn’t happy when she became Box Office Queen? I bet none of you missed the very successful You Changed My Life, did you?

I couldn’t imagine something worse to have written in March, but the Love is blind article in which I targeted some particular woman who became special to me, after all. By the way, throughout that month, I tried to provide you with Blogging Tips that you until present still might find useful. Sweet to finally leave my school years behind as the Moment of Truth came closer and closer.

C’mon, who did not have any complaints about the Globe Broadband connection? I graduated in this month too! Aside from the various posts and articles in preparation for the Pacquiao Hatton fight that was just about it for that month, and oh, I got some problems with someone though.

MAY, the most promising month brought helped us have some financial push and increased our popularity and authority as we successfully delivered to you the Manny Pacquiao vs Ricky Hatton live stream bagging more than 800 comments and 120,000+ viewers in a matter of days. And the very end of the month I shared with you a plurkalicous love story. And yet again, that was just about it.

In June, we mourned wit millions around the world the death of Michael Jackson. We also took part in the DFC Event 2009 Davao leg. Not to forget and worth to mention is my birthday that took place that month, thanks for all the greetings!

In July we eventually got removed from the Google Search for some time. I also got confused which course to take up, even though it’s a bit too late to worry about that.

In August I shared with you the lessons from the SEO Drought.
We witnessed Kirk Long’s keenness from beyond the arc lifting Ateneo. There was an issue with me and a weird crazy blogger We were not the only ones with problems, but Willie Revillame too

September was surely a month full of tragedies that came along. A super ferry with unknown reason sinking, the bashing of Sen. Lacson on former President Estrada, the death of Hollywood Dancer Patrick Swayze at 57 and more. Also to note in this month was the Software Freedom Day at which I tackled open source WordPress for blogging. Who could easily get over the Taylor Swift humiliation, especially when you’re one big fan of her when she won a award at the VMA 2009?

It was for certain a month to forget for La Salle faithfuls as their team literally flushed down the toilet and fell prey to the NU Bulldogs. I am very sure a lot of you enjoyed the Mayweather Marquez live stream we prepared for you. We did not wrote much about the calamities that wrecked most part of Northern and Central, Luzon, but we managed to peek into another typhoon from abroad by the name Jacque Bermejo. In October Pinoy Teens writers enjoyed a lot of freebies especially when Davao based, like a treat to the NEO launch at the Apo View, the Mall-Wide WiFi launch at SM City Davao. Jeric Teng got interviewed by Anna Clarissa, and I had some issue with people from CDO for my intriguing questions about the MBS, after all, we fixed the misunderstanding between each other and I came up with a few lessons taken from it.

Our jewel writer of present decided to go entertainment with her first entertainment post. We’ve had a few funny questions in our first edition of the Formspring, and I had the chance to attend the Youth Engagement Summit 2009 in Kuala Lumpur for the fact that Pinoy Teens Online is a Youth Partner for the said event and will continue to be one. Pacquiao was linked to Krista Ranillo after he finished Cotto. The most recent issue that bothers most of us is the Maguindanao Massacre about which one of our writers is going to talk about later on.

We’ve had so much fun all throughout the year, so many discussions, ups and lows on this website. It’s certain that we’re not as hyperactive as we used to be in a not so-distant past. The author trio of yours truly, Izy Mae and Princess is to be replaced by a new pack of three to spearhead the blog in the coming year to keep up with your interest and keep up with the latest in the various field that relate to you.

Expect Pinoy Teens to be better and bigger in 2010 after the recently acclaimed international recognition we got for being a Youth Partner of a grande event like the Youth Engagement Summit. I, along with the other contributors are assuring you a way better experience that you already had here on our blog. I just hope that you will continue to cooperate with us and stick with us as we’ll try to make your stay on Pinoy Teens and exceptional experience and lift up to the expectations of being a Youth Partner of such big movement as the Youth Engagement Summit. Once we have established ourselves in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. Watch out for events that we’ll come up to host in key cities near you. Yes, look forward for that and more only here on Philippines first and only, Philippine Youth Site for Change!

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