2008 was a bitter year for me, in term of love, happiness and social communication with others. I have lost a lot of friends, a lot have turned their back towards me, and I sense hatred that many people possess against me. But of course, 2008 had its good things too, like the exposure of this blog of mine. I was able to go way beyond my expectations with this blog, just because of the very simple idea that I had in mind before I have started all of this. But that is something that I will be sharing on another post.

I’m so happy about the first couple of hours of the year 2009, looks like it will be a very happy and fruitful year for me once again, adding to all what I have achieved in the latter year. I would have never expected myself to get pinoyteens.net going as a blog, since it has been a forum for the half of its existence. Yet I have made it. I would have never expected that I could get beyond my expected Page Rank (which is staying steady at three), but here I am, with a Page Rank 4 Blog.

Pinoy Teens has been evolving lately into more than just a blog of my own, but is slightly traveling towards its original idea, serving the Teenagers in the field of Entertainment and Education. While I have been blogging much about crap in the last months of my online presence, which I really have to admit. I will surely be glad to bring better posts out and think about the topic that I’ll be sharing with you prior pressing that vital publish button. I thank all the 800+ subscribers who are still on track with our blog for weeks now, you’ve given me much inspiration and are one of the reasons why I am not letting this blog down when I have a bad day of only 300 visitors. The Pinoy Teens Online Blog will and will remain sponsored posts free, that’s something that I can assure you of; as we’re trying to retain this page rank for the next update or take another step higher as Page Rank 5.

I admit, that we’ve been become a nuisance to some people, that a lot got irritated about some of our writings, and that some just totally dislike the idealism that we are following here. But we try to change and adjust for the better. Pinoy Teens Online is really thankful to all who have done their part to help us grow like this. Yes, there are many other blogs who are much better and growing much faster, but still, I am happy with what Pinoy Teens has become. It was me alone who has started it, and it’s a quiet well rounded community that shares whatever achievement we’ve achieved.

Oh yeaH!!! PAGE RANK FOUR!!!

Thank you talaga!! Thanks to everyone who visited us, even if you’ve been forced sometimes, thank you for those who keep checking back and leave comments. MABUHAY ANG KABATAANG PINOY!!!