Narrating to you my first day in class today. I hope you like the article, read it and comment on it. I am still trying to find my writing style back again

Today is the first day of class. The 7th of June, 2010. It kinda sucks to note that I am very early at school. I arrived here around 7:15 in the morning; and my classes are yet to kick off at around 10AM every monday. Not really convincing me to attend school. It kinda sucks. Especially when your parents ought to know your schedules better than you do – or in short don’t trust you. They may have their reasons for not trusting me, but I still don’t feel like going to school 3 hours ahead of my set schedule.

I am accompanied now by three of my dearest classmates whose classes start at 8:45 for an hour of Mathematics that can kill in the morning :p

There was a little mistake on the end of my fellow classmates as they thought their classes are to start at 7:40, which led them to the wrong classroom (F503) with wrong classmates (from the Accountancy Course). I’m pretty sure they were shocked and were looking at each other when the teacher said that the said class will be filled by Accountancy Students (which is pretty far from our course).

As I write, it’s just 8:02 in the morning. I’ll be back later this afternoon, probably during our one hour lunch for more.

The clock is pointing at 9:45PM sharp. A tiring day is over. A day full of fun and happy moments with my fellow classmates has ended, but not really with a blast. Because like I pointed out above; I am tired. It’s like I’m not getting used to it yet, being up for the whole day and moving from one corridor to the other, from one floor to the other, from one class to another. But I know that I’ll find my way through it and that adjusting to it won’t be too hard after all.

Day One was fine. It was fun. Even more funnier and exciting than I expected. We had almost the whole day free. The first class was supposed to start at 7:40 in the morning. But the teacher wasn’t around, so we headed to Gazeebo. Some other classmates of mine had their day start at 8:45; but still the teacher wasn’t around so we headed back to the Gazeebo and then moved over to the Gym when the clock neared 10 in the morning for our first P.E class.

It is still unsure whether we’re going to have a female or male instructor for the said subject. But one thing that is certain is that we will have to report about topics assigned to our groups that we created during the P.E class on our next meeting, in about two weeks time. The annoying part here is, I’m leading the group three (3) in the P.E class. I’m not the most physically fit person, you know. But researching isn’t really requiring a lot of Physical skill 😀

The day is still far from over.

We headed back to the Gazeebo, my new classmates – friends and I. The boys checked on the NBA Finals game in which Celtics snatched one back to the misfortune of my fellows. While the girls checked their social networking accounts through this very Macbbook Pro of mine :p

2 of my classmates joined me for lunch at Mam Bebs about 40 minutes before our English class kicked off. The food was served very, very late. And we had to rush, rush, rush, run, run, run in order to still make it to the next class on time, which we -well, somehow- did. I was a bit surprised tho. Because a teacher showed up, finally. Unlike in the one that followed – Filipino.

Whole Afternoon of Freedom?

2:35 – 3:35, that is the time slot of our Filipino class every MWF afternoon. But it ended up in a 1:35 – 5:40 Vacant time for all of us. My Laptop tried to hold on as long as possible as we tried to kill time by playing Plants Vs Zombies and The World Of Goo. But my two gadgets eventually gave in and run out of battery. During that extraordinary long period of freedom that we had this very afternoon of the first day of classes, I taught a classmate of mine the trick behind the iMedium App. We were able to nail a decent number of fellow classmates, and even our First Year Orientation Program Facilitators with it. Awesome.

Almost 20 minutes later than the set time for our EDP (Computer Basics), the teacher eventually arrived and accommodated us. Everything went on quick and swiftly. And in no time we were set free for the day. What a day. I know, I could have narrated it far better than this. But I’m just too tired from all the fun that I had.

I hope to have a excellent and productive year with my new classmates at section S6.