Prepare yourselves ladies and gentlemen, may we ask your fullest support for another big obstacle that the Mozilla Company (creators of firefox) are about to face? Like everyone else out there, I know, most of you are anticipating the grand launching of Firefox 3 to roll in. But, why not prepare yourself for its arrival meanwhile? Firefox 3 is the next generation of web browsing, a welcome with some style would be very nice to welcome it to the world, and so did this idea originated, Firefox 3 the Download Day!

There is no exact date given when it’ll be released, but it ain’t take long anymore. As of this moment, the development stages for Firefox 3 have entered the Release Candidate 1. The aim of this download day is to get Mozilla, Firefox in to the Guinness Book of World Records, as the most downloaded software in a time range of 24 hours.

If you are interested to participate in this objective that Mozilla and the whole Firefox community is about to take on, there are a lot of ways to contribute to it, and you are most welcome to help out in simple, but significant means.

  • Create a blog post about it
  • Spread the news to friends and loved ones
  • Inform simply everyone you know, in what ever means possible
  • Put a badge on your website, blog or what ever piece you possess online.

There are even some other ways to contribute to the launch of firefox 3 and the very much anticipated download day. As for banners, feel free to visit the banner page. You can even go and host your own event/party for the launching of firefox 3. And if you are lucky enough, you can bag yourself some goodies! If this was quiet convincing for you, I won’t keep you hooked that long anymore. Drop by at the official blog for more interesting information 🙂
Download Day - English