TEES.PH has been one of the major contributors to our giveaway during the SFD. Without the kind help that co-founder Bryan Chug offered to me, I probably would not have finished my talk on time for the said event. Thanks for that!

The website, like you may have guessed it from the name itself features various tees. Some fancy designs submitted by users from all over the place. TEES.PH currently has got nine different styles that you can chose from. Each fancier than the other! The latest design featured on the website is the Kwek-Kwek shirt which was designed by a user from DeviantArt.

Shirts like these might not suit everyone, but the ones who really want to express themselves and love to eat Kwek-Kwek like in the case of the shirt I talked about above – it’s really something to look forward to and grab.

The three-man team behind the website explains the reason why the site exists as follows: “we are a three-man team who believe that we (you and us) should get tees we <3 (love)" Look out for a continuously expanding array of different designs in the months to come as the site grows and the designers flock in!