As Rappler and any other Opposition aligning News Agency would want you to believe, duplicate Facebook accounts are popping up for students and alumni of the University of the Philippines and other State-owned school. As well as for other individuals who are expressing dissent and discontent, allegedly, with the Anti Terror Bill.

However, what they won’t highlight, is the fact that this is actually happening to all kinds of individuals. May they be siding against the government, may they be siding with the government – or have no damn care at all about politics. Yes. This is not an isolated case of UP students being targeted by the government. Random indivduals are getting poser accounts at the moment, and it’s actually not only limited to the Philippines alone.

There have been reports of other nationals experiencing duplicate accounts at the moment for no exact reason why.

While Facebook is swift to take action on removing the surge of duplicate accounts, it is said that these accounts keep coming and being generated.

Here are a few things as to why this may be happening:

  • Hackers are on the loose
  • Scammers want to impersonate you and want to make a credit using your name and contact information
  • It’s a Facebook glitch or bug

In order to prevent this, it is highly recommended that you go over your Facebook’s security settings, and if possible, hide your friends list so that only you can see it. While it’s definitely not a sure fire way  for hackers and scammers to get access to some of your friends (that actively like and comment on the stuff you post), you give them at least a narrower playing field. It is also recommended that you enable 2 Step Authentication using your mobile number or an authenticator app. Sure, this will not hinder people from creating dummy accounts, but it ensures the safety of your current account.

Are you experiencing this issue right now? What are your thoughts about it? Let us know in the comments below.