Last week Saturday, July 10, 2010 was one of the most exciting days I ever had this year. I was accompanied by a few bloggers, Charles, Mark, Leah, Richard and a few others. It was around 6:30 in the evening when the primer event kicked of at the “Taste of Malaysia”. The special guest that we anticipated? One of the hottest female celebrities in the Philippines in the form of Cristine Reyes; the Model of Colt 45’s Vava-Vroom Promo.

I noted common faces among the media people in attendance, the usual people, but just with a more exciting look on their faces as all have been very eager to throw one or two questions at Cristine Reyes. Our Entertainment Blogger in the Davao Bloggers ( Mindanao New Media Community) asked Cristine a few questions relating to her showbiz career. “What are your upcoming projects?” “Are you happy at Abs-Cbn?” and the likes. But that is not the point of this article, I will discuss it more detailed in another.


I doubt you’d be much interested in this promo if I’d go on and tell you how you can win something. Let me start in introducing the two things that you can win when you join. First at stake is Cristine Reyes, to be more keen, a date with Cristine Reyes in Boracay. Sad to note thou, for those hoping; she’ll be staying in a different room then! Haha! The other prize that you can claim when participating in the Vava-Vroom Promo would be a modified Ford Ranger. Both prizes are for real men, and there’s no doubt about it that drinking Colt 45 is for real men too.

How can I join?

Simply collect ten crowns of Colt 45, put them in a envelop, add your name, address and all other generic stuff to it and drop them at designated drop boxes all over the Philippines. That easy.

There will be two winners at the end of the promo. One who will get the chiq and the other who will enjoy the 4×4 Ford Ranger modified for real men.

Colt 45 for Real Men?

We had moment to try it ourselves.

Cristine Reyes

Cristine Reyes

Indeed we had, and I was still accompanied by the same bloggers who attended the Press Conference at Taste of Malaysia. I dearly enjoyed the VIP treatment that we’ve got at the Colt 45 Concert at the Damosa Park. Thanks to Love Radio Davao for organizing everything and letting us enjoy a night of fun, beer, girls, music and more. I had more than enough beer that night, and our dry run of Colt 45 is very positive, like my fellow bloggers *links, links, links* noted in their narration of what happened that night.

It was a superb occasion to enjoy, and arguably the best way to enter our preliminary week examination that followed after. But one thing that I would surely not have forgotten would be the name of the one Colt 45 Model I had a real crush on. All I can hope she’ll read this and note her face below. :p

Colt 45 Vava-Vroom Model

Colt 45 Vava-Vroom Model