Team Empire manages to win game 2 in their Lower Bracket Group B Final, which was the best game of ESL One Manila yet.

ESL One Manila has produced some high quality DotA 2 thus far. However, the longest game so far, has been the best game yet. We’re talking about blackholes, stolen blackholes, and a few other things. It ¬†was simply epic. It was an evenly drawn match, but the execution at the end and the Rubick factor was just too much for Team Secret.

Game 2 of their series was played late into a Saturday Evening, and no, Team Secret was not able to sweep Team Empire — it went the full length to a game 3 which Team Empire has eventually won. But boy, what for a beauty. Watch Game 2 of ESL One Manila’s Team Empire vs Team Secret Group BLower Bracket Final again.

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