In behalf of the whole 3-man writing staff (me, Princess and Izy) I’d like to extend our thankfulness to Entertainment blog of the Month of Septembereveryone who has participated and voted for us in last month’s entertainment blog awards of a fellow Filipino Blogger, wherein we succeeded, to take the top spot, sneaking away a upset victory, wherein we’ve left behind other competition who are longing to pursue in claiming that prize for months now.

It may not be anything big for many people, yet for us, it’s of some big importance. Since this victorious endeavor that we are sharing with you, our ever so loyal readers; just emphasizes the supportive community that spurs us to serve the Filipino Youth even more. Without you, this unflagging success would not have happened. Thank you so much for helping us in getting this little award^^,)

We’re looking forward to claim more awards not only for the main blog, but also for our sub blogs that are slowly growing to have a community of their own. ^^,)

Thank you once again, and may God bless us all.