There may have been one or more instances that I talked about Eleven2 – both positively and negatively – but it never occured to me to take our hosting anywhere else.

My sites have been with Eleven2 for such a long time now, let’s say about 2-3 years already (I’m not quite sure anymore, it’s been THAT long) and I never needed anything more than what they offered me at any given time.

There were days when we had traffic spikes of over 10,000 visitors, 20,000, heck even close to 70,0000 visitors on a single day(!) but the server didn’t even choked (of course, I had to do some basic optimization on my end).

Despite all the things I say about Eleven2, even if there have been one or two incidences recently (one wherein CloudFlare, Eleven2 and yours truly were at fault) that seemed not quite nice, I will continue having my site hosted with them. Downtimes? You’ll never escape them at any host – they’ll come to you in anyhow, anytime. Sluggish site? Check on your site if everything’s setup right before accusing your hosting provider.

Brand Loyalty is Important to me

I’m no celebrity or advertising model who changes from one product to the other depending on the pay or whatever factor. Brand Loyalty is of utmost importance to me, and it should be important to all of you too. Loyalty to a brand, product or a service makes you a more credible person – unlike those who go from one brand to the other just to reap benefits. Of course, if it isn’t working out for you, you may have to look at an alternative – but for as long as the issues that arise are bearable, I urge one to stay loyal to certain brands.


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