CNN Hero of the Year 2009: Efren Peñaflorida aka Philippines Hope falls short courting Angel Locsin. Ang resulta nito, binasted si Efren Peñaflorida ni Angel Locsin.

Angel Locsin revealed in an interview that Efren has been visiting her house every so often and even talked with her father in close doors. She added that she was stunned by the fact that Efren talked to her father ahead of talking with Angel herself.

Locsin admitted that Efren was courting her, and her responds to him was that Angel Locsin would like to stay at the friendship level, yet. She said that what the Philippines is in the need of right now is hope, the hope that Efren Peñaflorida showcased through his actions and his projects that made him stand out as the CNN Hero of the Year 2009. She doesn’t wants to interfere with his projects and affect his works which concludes that being friends is all that she wants now. Aside from the fact that she is going to be sort of busy this 2010.

Angel Locsin is working on a few projects that are going to roll out this year, well, it has been some time that we’ve seen her on the big screen and television either.

She’s working on Kokey at Ako Kung Saan wherein she’ll be paired for the very first time with Vhong Navarro.