A quick and harmless earthquake took Davao and Gensan Plurkers by surprise, and was also felt in Compostela Valley. Where is the epicenter of the little earthquake?

Just a moment back when I went online in Plurk, I noticed the lamp above my head swinging back and forth. At first, I thought it was just nothing, but then my mother confirmed my second thought that a little earthquake was going on. She immediately went outside of the house, just like we’d do in our routine practices–we do that, I tell you; every now and then, just in case the earthquake might intensify.

The moment I refreshed my Plurk account to see what other people have been saying about it, I noted about a dozen of people Plurking about the earthquake that they have felt–this includes people from Davao City, General Santos City, and Compostela Valley. Whilst there was a blogger friend who caught my attention when he mentioned that Cagayan de Oro was affected too, but it was not. Anyways, the earthquake wasn’t that strong at all, not here, but somewhere else I guess.

I will update you later about the earthquake, let’s hope that there won’t be another shaking of the earth, even of this harmless kind.