Davao City, Philippines (KPMDaL) – Demi Lovato is surely one of the hottest girls on the planet right now, when we look at the celebrity scene from a younger generation’s point of view. Demi, who is a song writer, singer and actress (who had her due fame because of Disney Channel’s Original Movie, Camp Rock) is right on top of them, and for my opinion, even beating Miley Cyrus by far.


Don't Forget Album Cover

Don't Forget Album Cover

The young teenage super star had a stellar year in the music scene in 2008, ending the year on high notes with her debut album Don’t Forget which released in September 2008 in Australia and has recently been followed-up by a Deluxe Version which was due to the 31st of March, hitting the market United Kingdom Market by April of this year.


One of the songs that has touched me the most is her album-entitled single Don’t Forget which pretty much reminds me about past relationships that I have been into, bringing up way old, and way long forgotten emotions of mine that I have once felt back for these people.

I’m currently still looking for a whole copy of the album and if I do so, I’d be glad to share a couple of selected singles from her Don’t Forget Album and make them available for download at a lower quality for public use. But if you’re one of the millions who cannot wait to own a copy of Demi Lovato’s Debut Album Don’t Forget, I highly recommend you to storm the nearest music bar around and grab a original copy now.

What’s in Demo Lovat0’s Don’t Forget Album?

Most of the songs have been composed by Demi herself in accompaniment of the Jonas Brothers, these are tracks namely, Until You’re Mine, Two Worlds Collide, Get Back, Don’t Forget and many more. One of the songs was written solely by Demi which is entitled Trainwreck and is the third song in cue on her 11 Track (Standard), 13 Track (Deluxe), and 14 Track (International Bonus) Debut Album.

What’s unique about Demi’s Debut Album?

Since most of these songs are composed by Demi Lovato, the Jonas Brothers and other known personalities in the music scene who took part in the compilation of this album, it’s a totally fresh new scent to your ears! Songs that you have never heard before, melodies that just capture your heart and makes you feel like a teenager again (if you are one of the older followers of Demi Lovato). Surely, this album is suited to any age group, the messages of these sonkgs are nice and it’s really worth a buy.

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