Last years Digital Filipino Club Event here in Davao City was not schedule this early but to a surprise of many, this years Digital Filipino Club Event in Davao City will kick off in July already! The Digital Filipino Club and commencement of the top blogs of 2008 in 2008 was one of the most prestigious events where I was able to somehow shine for a moment, and looking back to where I have been a year ago, I am proud to say that I have further progressed and enhanced that personality and that website that was an hit during the third and fourth quarter of the passing year, and yet again the same seasonal mood is tuning in on Pinoy Teens, where the blog is starting to have it’s own wave in terms of Alexa Ranking and other perspectives.

With this, I would like to invite all of you to take part in the Digital Filipino Club 2009 Event here in Davao City, Philippines. Where bloggers, online marketers and their like meet together at a venue to talk and have a gathering with each other to interact with one another and share the common interest which in general refers to the interest in working on the internet or any other internet related activities. This years event from the Digital Filipino Club is scheduled for the 18th of July, 2009 which is a Saturday and will still be hosted by the Grand Regal Hotel (I’m finally of legal age and hope that I won’t have any issues entering the venue again this year). So if you want to meet some other cool online personalities make friends for link exchanges and socialize with people of common interest, then this is the hottest local event to attend to, and if socializing is not enough, then probably, the free food might lure you to the said occasion, anyways, I hope to see you there at the Digital Filipino Club 2009 Event in Davao City!