Davao City, along with its population need to be wary and utmost cautious as Dengue Fever rampantly increased in Davao City by 108%.

The DoH of Region 11’s data reveales that the Davao Region had to deal with 3,083 Dengue Cases from January until June which is an increase of 108% compared to last year’s 1,363 dengue fever cases for the same time span.

Majority of the Dengue Fever Casualties reside from Davao City itself, taking up 82% of the total 3,083 dengue incidents at hand, while the rest account to dengue issues experienced by nearby provinces and towns in the region.

At least 27 citizens in Davao City have died due to the rampant increase in Dengue, said the Davao City Health Office.

Dengue Fever cases expected to rise further

With the rainy season still ahead, it is expected that Dengue Fever becomes even more widespread in the region – worse than it already is. Local officials are already trying to figure out hotspots of the Dengue Fever hosting mosquitos, while other local villages have started massive cleanups of their own to ensure a Dengue Free environment for its residents.

Dumama gave assurances the region’s blood bank has enough supply.

“I think we still have enough blood supply to cater to the present need as long as we will not have an outbreak here,” Dumama said.