The ever supportive musical enthusiasts of the Philippines will get to taste yet another foreign presence soon. Though, that soon will take a little time yet, let me inform you ahead of time what’s going on lately for David Cook.David Cook

The Filipino Females are popular for idolizing foreign singers, just like the American Idol David Cook whom a lot of Filipino Girls admire, not even girls of the Philippines, but people all around the globe. For his first year in the business, he will most probably hit the big dome.

It’s quite an privilege for the Filipino Folk to be the first on the list of his post-Idol shows. Would he have taken the title or not, either way around he is fame here in the Philippines and I do not doubt about it. No matter what, he’s still a good looking foreign singer, who’ll perform here in the Philippines on the 27th of the first month of 2009. Which will be a pretty nice post-new year present for the Filipinos.

Hopefully, I’ll be able to attend the said event ^^,)