Good news for all students living in the area of Matina, Maa, Bankgal and so on who are attending schools in Metro Davao like, Davao Central, Davao National High, Sta Ana and all other schools that are located beyond the Generoso Bridge 1 which collapsed in 2007. The work has been done 24/7 nonstop and as announced days ago, the bridge will be finished before classes will start.

Way earlier the schedule of August which was their actual target. Is the bridge stable enough, or made in the rush? Kidding. The bridge has been re-opened for public use earlier yesterday! So, go and check it out! I haven’t been to downtown for a while now, I still have to check on the bridge to see it for myself. President Arroyo will inaugurate the bridge on the 19th of this month.

Again Dabawenyos, this is a Job well done!