Mindanao Representative from the Philippine Women’s College of Davao, the Regional Champion for the Mindanao Congress, placed 2nd (first runner up) at the 1st International Conference and Training, 37th PACSA and 21st PACSL Annual National Convention held in Baguio last November 26-29, 2016.

Georg Kevin Paquet competed with representatives from Luzon, Visayas and the National Capital Region. All contestants were given a common question, on how student leaders can help out with the ASEAN integration.

Whilst the other competitors focused on economics and legislation, Georg Kevin decided to discuss matters that he deemed more urgent than the mainstream answer to questions like these.

His answer, which was deemed first place worthy by many delegates and witnesses present at the moment he gave his speech focused on the environment. To quote, “The United Nations, ASEAN, PACSA, or simply communities back home in our schools, colleges and universities… all of these are organizations that share one thing in common. We all rely on our members, members who feel happy, who feel wealthy and feel appreciated.” Georg Kevin then continued that, “we have enough leaders who are globally competitive, we have enough servant leaders and leaders who are civic-conscious for the needs of others. What we lack are members who are environmentally concerned. And as such, as Student Leader in the ASEAN region, we need to focus and work on the environment, because without our environment, none of the talks re: politics, economics will work out. In ASEAN, we need to create an environment that his happily taken care of, an environment that is wealthy with abundance of resources for all of us, an environment that his appreciated for what it is.”

A lot of controversy loomed over the Extemporaneous Competition and other competitions that were held during the said event. Georg Kevin Paquet was originally announced third place even though he clearly ranked second on the scoresheet. The result has since been corrected.