(I know, title seemed a bit silly “Date with Multiply.com” was my idea! hehehehe) Anyways, I am glad to have been part of about 25 Dabawenyos meeting some of the staff of Multiply Philippines.

The Multiply Evolution: From Social Network to Social Shopping

The whole event made me appreciate Multiply once again, which I thought to be living in the shadow of Facebook, forever alone. Yet I never really came to realize that Multiply isn’t just a Social Network anymore – it has grown out of that, heading towards a different direction. It’s not competing with Facebook anymore, no, it’s complementing Facebook at its best.

Why? You might ask me. Well, because Multiply has listened to most of its user base (from the Philippines) and leveled up the whole site to allow a whole new Shopping Experience for its users, while being as Merchant friendly as possible for those aiming to sell stuff on Multiply.

Multiply: Social Shopping at its best

Multiply: from just being a Social Network
to Philippines biggest (online) Mall.

It’s very easy to open up your own Store on Multiply, and that, for free!

Multiply + Facebook = <3

Facebook has become more of a complimentary tool for merchants on Multiply and has become less of a competition for Multiply itself, thanks to the change in direction the company is steering itself to. Having a Facebook page for your Multiply shop increases your chances of selling your products – who wouldn’t want that?

Facebook seems more like a “street” where you get people over “into your store on Multiply” to purchase your products. It’s a perfect combination that no Merchant should underestimate or not engage with. It’s a must if you want to make as many sales as possible.

Further enhancement to the Social Shopping Experience coming:

There’s more in store at Multiply for both Merchant and Buyers of their products. It’s said that rating and review features are to be rolled out soon, allowing for a true social shopping experience. Buyers can now review and rate their favorite merchants and on the other hand, rate and criticize unpleasant transactions that took place.

It forces the Merchants to step up their game and provide the best service possible for the customers! It’s a win-win situation here. ’cause if you, as a Merchant act the best way you can, you’ll eventually be praised by the ones buying from you.

Currently, multiply has over 6M users and about 130,000 online stores up and running on their site. Trust me, you’d virtually find almost anything you can think of (legal stuff, of course) for sale on Multiply.

You’d wonder, how safe it is shopping on Multiply? It can be very safe, and also, not so… depending on the Merchant you are purchasing from.

Always lookout for the Trusted Seller/Merchant badge on their shop to be safe and ensured by Multiply itself. If a transaction goes wrong, or if the product substantially differs from what was agreed between you and the seller – Multiply covers the cost of the whole transaction.

Not just easy and convenient, but worry free shopping, indeed! Where again? Well, only on Multiply!

Thanks to all my fellow Davao Bloggers who attended the event.