Miguel Cotto is going to have a hard time against Manny Pacquiao who is in perfect condition already, about two weeks ahead their clash in Las Vegas. Will Pacquiao vs Cotto extend a few rounds or will Pacquiao knock him off immediately in the opening round?

Pacquiao looks to be more dangerous than ever. And his performances increased in quality too, in his recent bouts against Oscar de la Hoya a year back and Ricky Hatton just this May. Will he further progress and stun the world with his boxing skills against Miguel Cotto this coming November? It is to be questioned though, since there are critics who believe that Pacquiao might be a little bit over confident. Same critics go out for his coach Roach who was a bit hesitant a few weeks back claiming that the fight may go to distance.

That’s a non-issue anymore for the Manny Pacquiao Camp, he looks to be the deadliest fighter in the world right now, and the best way to prove it would be to knock out his competition Miguel Cotto this coming November in the United States.

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