i am proud to present to you the first ever competition on Pinoy Teens Online! It’s called Randomizer ’cause the final bout will be drawn from a (you guessed it) random picking software. Before anything else, let me give you a brief definition of the Pinoy Teens Online Association.

  • Pinoy Teens has been founded on the 30th of June by it’s administration head Kevin Paquet who is still working on the site.
  • It keeps on extending it’s Network, now by having created a service which will display a random teen as Teen Star of The Day on Pinoy Teen Star, you could be one of them now!
  • Pinoy Teens is an official product of the Pasaway Family that was built way back in the Christmas Seasons of 2006, but who actually cares?!
  • the important thing is, Pinoy Teens Online is there for the Filipino Youth, to help them solve their problems, get over their peers via the support and kindness it brings to everyone on their forum, you’re free to count one among the members!
  • The organization envisions to become the #1 Philippine Teen Site up-to-date via the innovations and cutting edge technology the staff is bringing, alike the new Pinoy Teen Directory.
  • besides all these, Pinoy Teens is something for real, and nothing about money, the site doesn’t even have advertisement on it! (almost) Since we are made by teens, for teens. -according to the admin.

Pinoy Teens is in need of you, of us, to help it grow, it needs your support, our support to take the extra step and shiver amongst the screens of Young Teenagers, and you can do so now. By some simple means, that are listed below:

  1. Re-Post this WHOLE ARTICLE on your blog, do not alter anything on it! *5 Entries
  2. Leave a comment on Pinoy Teens Online *1 Entry
  3. Link back to Pinoy Teens Online *1 Entry
  4. Join Pinoy Teens Discussion Forum and make at least 15 posts *5 Entries and gain additional 1 Entry per 10 posts that you made! (that’s so easy on our forum)
  5. Refer a friend to our forum (use the referal code on your profile on the forum) *3 Entries
  6. Comment on their Administrators blog or guest book *3 comments equal to 1 entry
  7. Subscribe to Pinoy Teens Email Reader (you can see it on their site on the right sidebar) *2 Entries
  8. Comment on their Admins Poetry Blog *3 comments equal to 1 entry

Important Headups:

  • You may gather as many points possible
  • You may do all of the above mentioned ways to win
  • PLEASE LIST DOWN YOURSELF ALL THE THINGS THAT YOU HAVE DONE (like for example: I invited this, I envited that, I posted this, I posted that) Go to the contest listing by clicking here
  • If you need any further help, don’t hesitate to contact the owner of Pinoy Teens right away via his guestbook: click me
  • Competition is open until the 16th of May

Tell us the fruits of our hard work!

  • 5 Free (yourdomain).pinoyteens.net blogs, fully cuztomizable and support!
  • 15 Very secure and easy to use @pinoyteens.net email address
  • 3 Winners of 100 Cellular Credit (Philippines only)
  • DOMAIN GIVE AWAY: pederasyon.com
  • Backlinks to all the contestants who post about this on their respective blogs

What are you waiting for? If you are a blogger, repost this whole article now! If you are a reader, join the forum start posting and inviting now!