Star Studio’s July Issue gets some handsome face to cover it – that’s no other than Coco Martin on the Cover of Star Studio July 2012.

The front cover of the July Issue of Star Studio explains itself as being just for him, for THE Coco Martin showing all the magic, and mania behind one of the most sought after faces in Philippine primetime television.

Coco Martin Star Studio July Cover

Coco Martin Star Studio July Cover

It goes on with the following quote of the frontcover itself:

He unravels, for the first time, his own true story, not unlike the indie movies he’s done. His simple childhood, his deepest insecurities and frustrations. The dark days of toil, the pain of being labeled a ‘sexy star’, his ways with love. . .and so much more.

If you want to own a hard copy of the Cover Photo seen above starring Coco Martin, avail of the Star Studio July Issue at the nearest bookstore or some place else where Magazines are being sold.