Some might have noticed that I embedded the Formspring link in my “Author’s Info” so probably, some people who have read the very few posts I have here have killed the cat and clicked on it.  😛  If you have something to say, do so too!  Stuff is open to everything!  Questions for Kevin, me or for anyone else writing here and then will let them know about it!  We’re also open to suggestions!  Here are the answers for the first people who asked. 🙂 Questions are sent to my email then I copy and paste it here IN VERBATIM! Walang labis, walang kulang! 🙂

hey clarissa! 🙂 i just wanna ask if ur taken already? hehe. wala lang… i just lyk how u reason out things and ur actually cute! 😀 hehe. i hope u get and answer my question.

  • Thanks for the compliments! 🙂 Answer would be yes. 🙂

h0W can i be an writer for pinoy teens? i want to write because i think im so bitter than ur current writers and i wanna share my thoughts… di ung puro patuchada lng. thanks po. wag better sana.

  • Haha. Ano raaaw?! I do not really know Kevin’s specific mechanisms for application of writers. I just emailed him one day and told him my writing “credentials” and expressed my intent in a very proper way.  I guess that is BETTER than expressing it through Formspring—emailing Kevin himself so that you can talk properly.  After all, even I want to pick some people to be writers here, I cannot because THIS is KEVIN’s blog in the first place.  But we support his decisions because he usually makes the right ones. Haha!  I also want to clarify that we’re not puro “patuchada” here.  We spend as much time as we spend for writing our college papers here and we do not spend such time for “patuchadas”.  Wag BITTER sana. 🙂

Hello! I wish your site will deliver to its name “Pinoy Teens”. Eh di naman pang teens ang topics ninyo eh. Puro showbiz. Or chismosa lang ba mga teens ngayon talaga?!

  • Haha. Sorry. Okay! We just focus on current human interests kasi and Kevin’s using entertainment stuff as springboards to more hits right now.  Will take note of this! 🙂 Thanks for reading.  But hindi kami puro chismis sa totoo lang! 🙁 

ang kapal mong magsulat ng article about krista ranillo eh ikaw naman nangaagaw ng boyfriend ng may boyfriend aka yung administrator nyo rito na si kevin inaagaw mo sa girlfriend nya. pweh!

  • Saan mo naman napulot ‘yan dear? Once lang kami nagkita ni Kevin so paano ko naman maaagaw ‘yung tao sa girlfriend? At saka I have a boyfriend.  Don’t over analyze.  Mamaya isipin ng mga tao, totoo. 🙂 Walang ganyan. Pwede ba…

sali po ako pinoy teens pwedi po ba te

  • Tingin ka sa taas ng screen nitong blog. Click mo yung CONTRIBUTE. May instructions doon. Paki sunod. Salamat.

hello poh ate clarissa! 🙂 can i call u ate po ba? hehehe… kasi po wala po akong ate eh!!! parang ang sarap nyo po kasing maging ate… anyway po.. question ko lang po kasi incoming 4th yr high school na po ako nxt yr and gusto ko po sana kunin ung course na kinukuha nyo… im from an exclusive school din po in manila… gusto ko po sanang malaman kung maganda po ba curriculum sa miriam ng sped at saka po yung tuition and mahirap po bang makapasok??? ahihih. san din po kaya maganda ang sped? gusto ko rin po mag psych if ever hindi po sped ang course… tapos po pinagrereview po ako ng papa ko sa review center before magcollege entrance test… kailangan po ba un? ayoko na po kasi medyo mahal pero gusto pa rin ni papa… saan po ba marerecommend nyo po? taga qc din po ako!! sa don antonio po…

  • Aww thanks! Pero masunget akong Ate actually. :)) Miriam’s curriculum for Child Dev’t and Education minor in Special Education is one of the most recommended curriculae of CHED actually so I guess that is a good sign. On tuition and fees, it’s ranging from 45k to 55k per sem.  I am not sure about the 55k okay?  I might have overlooked the real fee pero that is the range.  Miriam has Psych too but I recommend you try Ateneo too if kaya sa budget.  UP’s Psych program is also nice and it’s a quota course pa ata in UP if I am not mistaken.  UP Diliman has this course called BS Family Life and Child Development–graduates of this degree can also teach special children at the end. 🙂  On review centers, I reviewed before but was not reliant on it.  I wish I reviewed thoroughly though. I wish I took my review classes seriously.  If ever you get enrolled in any review class on summer, I suggest you don’t miss your classes and study talaga.  It will help especially on the UPCAT and the ACET.  🙂  MCET is easy but you know, there are many people taking it every year and the competition boils down to having a score which is high enough for you to be able to land on a degree program.  People think it’s very easy in Miriam but when your scores are not good enough, you will land on this thing called “AB General” which means you don’t have a degree program yet and you have to have high grades for your desired degree program to accept you on the following sems in Miriam.  Good luck! Feel free to ask again!  🙂  On review centers, I heard the best is Expert Guides.  That is in Katipunan.  LSC too.  Canvass ka na.  There are affordable ones naman.  And don’t forget to pray dear.

at saka po pala ako po pala si cheri ate clarissa… tapos may mga fashion advices po ba kayo? san po ba mura ang clothes at shoes… mga 1k po ang budget ko sa shoes and clothes…. pero pwede ko po pagipunan…

  • I usually shop at The Block SM North and TriNoma–Landmark Department Store.  But you know, I don’t really shop regularly. What I do is, I save up the money that is for shopping and wait for the sale season so that marami akong mabibili sa pera ko.  Just this weekend, I bought 2 dresses for only 600PHP from Mint sa TriNoma kasi nga sale. Normally a dress is priced at 600, diba?  And I got two pairs of shoes from CMG for only 1500.  Normally nasa 1800 isa ang shoes doon eh.  So marami akong nabili sa pera ko.  May tira pa nga eh.  Pero masakit na legs namin ng friends ko kaya umuwi na kami.  This weekend na lang ulit.  Di ako palabili ng branded.  Kapag may sale lang talaga.  Okay din sa ukay-ukay.  Just be picky with what you buy and mix and match.  Good luck!

Are you and Kevin together as a couple? Bagay kayo.

  • No. He has a girlfriend and I have a boyfriend.  Clear na po ba ate?

sali ako sa pinoy teens. pasali na. ngayon na.

  • Hay…


  • Uhm sorry, you’re talking to the wrong person!

Who is your favorite UAAP basketball player and why? kailangan may explanation. give your top 3. thanks.

  • Top 1: Ryan Buenafe ’cause he’s my crush and I’m his biggest fan.  Enough said.  Top 2: Jai Reyes because he’s the shiz.  I mean he’s not an airhead despite his absolute cuteness and greatness in the court.  Top 3: Kirk Long ’cause he’s hot and good in court although I wish he is more consistent when it comes to his performance.  Bottom line?  Ateneo fan here.

ano po magandang deodorant ung di nakakaitim ng leki leki. thnx

  • Depende ‘yan sa skin mo.  At saka hindi deodorant ang nakakaitim usually–it’s shaving and plucking.  Pa-wax ka na lang dear.  But I recommend Nivea Pearl or Dove roll-on na unscented.

bakit mo gusto si ryan buenafe? kadiri kaya yun. panget ng girlfriend nakita ko sa landmark nung sunday. sa trinoma eh… payat na mukhang cheap gf nun eh. walang taste. buti sana kung ikaw. hehehe. more power po!

  • Ay may ganun?! Cute kaya nu’n! Or baka weird lang taste ko sa guys. Eh walang basagan ng trip.  Thanks!

May anak na ba si Kevin Pacquet?

  • WALA! Bata pa yun.

kevin suplado…

  • Awws.  Better luck next time.

charisse pempengo or sarah geronimo?

  • Mystica.

kevin pili ka sa mga writers mong babae… sinong pakakasalan mo and why? dapat may explanation

  • Kevin, paki sagot. Demanding si Kuya. AND WHY DO YOU ASK PO???!

ateneo or up? and why?

  • Ateneo.  I like the school itself.  Period.

Clarisa sino pipiliin mo… Si pacman or si paquet? and why????

  • Di ako Pacquaio dan. Paquet na lang at least may chismisan. :)) Pili lang naman diba?

gwapo at maganda ba kayo in person? crush ko si princess quin. akin ka nalang!!! *drools

  • Ano yan artista lol.  See for yourself.  Mehganon?! Haha. Oo, maganda yung si Princess.


  • Sige, kapag medyo nakaluwag-luwag.

Ryan Buenafe or Pari Llagas?
Pari Llagas or Emman Monfort?
Nonoy Baclao or Pari Llagas?

  • Ryan Buenafe, Emman Monfort, Noy Baclao.  Okay na ba?! Pari Llagas is that you hahaha. Joke.

Kayo ba ni Jeric Teng?

  • NOT AT ALL! Just interviewed him for the Featured Teens thing.  NO is the answer.  I repeat, NO!

ano pong opinion nyo sa pre-marital sex? u seem so openminded po kasi and gusto ko lang po malaman take nyo regarding that issue… gagawin nyo po ba yun? anong tining nyo sa mga tao na gumagawa nun? thanks po. more power

  • Personally, I do not think there is something wrong with it as long as the parties involved are aware of the repercussions of it.  Walang basagan ng trip.  I think sex is something classless which means that everybody will eventually do it–it’s just a matter of time and maybe frequency lol.  I do not see people who engage into pre-marital sex as “dirty” people or what–as long as they do it responsibly in the form of using birth control.  If it’s casual sex, make sure you’re always free from STDs and diseases.  Better safe than sorry.

ano po tingin nyo po sa paninigarilyo? do u smoke po ba?

  • My Dad is a chain smoker and I have seen smoking’s effects on his body through the years.  I personally do not recommend it although I won’t deny that I tried it before.  Was never proud of it and I had to hide in places just to keep myself from being seen by people smoking.  Don’t do it just because of peer pressure–this reason is pure bullcrap, trust me!  For every stick you smoke, you lose 7 yrs from your whole life span.  Not only that, it makes you look older than your age and it is very detrimental to your voice.  Bad ‘yun.

eh drugs po kaya?

  • Hell no.  Enough said!

ano pong skin rituals mo? and ano pong beauty products ganmit nio po? facial wash? shampoo? conditioner? lotion? sunblock? lahat na po… deodorant? pabango?

  • No specific “skin rituals”! I just wash my face with the orange-papaya soap my Mom buys for me from her dermatologist.  I don’t know if it has a brand but it’s from Dr. Cathy Valencia.  I wash my face before going to school and whenever I remember to wash it again before sleeping.  But what is advised is to wash your face before sleeping especially if you go out to wash away the bacteria you got from the outdoors.  Shampoo = Pantene Pro V. Conditioner? Sometimes Pantene too but I like Cream Silk more because of its scent. I don’t use lotion that much.  I only use it when my skin has already run dry eh.  But for that, I either use Bath and Body Works or Nivea.  Our household is full of Nivea products ’cause our Mom is a Nivea patronizer.  Sunblock = Nivea SPF for the body but for the face, Cathy Valenica again.  Deodorant = either of the three: Nivea Pearl, Degree Romance and Dove Unscented/Lemon.  I recommend Degree but it’s only available in PX Stores so Nivea or Dove na lang.  Perfume = I don’t use it all the time but when I go out to parties and formal events, I use either of the two: D&G Light Blue or Lacoste A Touch of Pink.  Sa Mom ko lang ‘yan so I don’t recommend it much cause I can’t buy it with my own money.  🙂

What do you plan to do after graduating in college?  Med school?  Law school?  Graduate school?

  • Interesting question right here!  I have thought of going to Med School but since I have health difficulties myself, I dismissed the idea long ago already because it seemed useless.  I cannot handle the stress of undergrad school na nga eh, I will attempt Med school pa?  Med school is not like graduate school where you can still have a grip of your time.  Hence, overburn which I really want to avoid as much as possible happens in Med School.  Law School?  Yes, it’s my ambition right now.  Actually, I’m struggling with my undergrad academics already because I need high and decent grades for a good Law School.  Ambitious me is wanting to go to Ateneo Law someday. Actually, I want to study abroad nga eh but I do not think that is feasible right now since it’s expensive (I have so many financial responsibilities to face as early as now) and it entails lots of pressure.  But if given a chance, I will choose a good university in the US or Canada.  Graduate School is the most possible path for me to take!  If my Alma Mater accepts me for a good teaching job, I will then take Counselling Psych in Ateneo which is just next to my school.  Then I can use that as a jumpstart to get nice jobs here and maybe abroad too.  I am not closing my doors to overseas jobs that are promising because I need to earn money fast for something I won’t disclose anymore.  Hehe.  🙂  Thanks for the interest in asking this question! 🙂