The Pinoy Teens duo along with fellow Davao City based bloggers were invited by Globe to attend their Christmas Party/Thanksgiving Party at Probinsya (near VP). “I had no idea what was ahead of us in the next couple of hours.”

Kuya Renz, Kuya Richard, Ate Juy, Ate Karla, Kuya Olan,and Kevin were the colleagues at my table. It was by far the most noisy amongs the three, just like Kevin noted in his post. I’ve always belonged to the noisiest of all groups whenever we had group activities in school, and it hasn’t changed until now. 😉

After the delicious buffet dinner, our hosts request all of us to move closer together, and closer to the center of the room. They had prepared a very fun and exciting game for all of us, a game that wouldn’t just test our knowledge about Globe, their latest products and some other random questions of which I don’t fancy most of them, but also our competitiveness and cooperation when working in a group. It was time for the…

Quiz Night – Davao Bloggers Christmas in November Edition 😛

The questions from the Quiz Night were so 70’s and 80’s(!) I wasn’t even born yet, so all that I did was go along with the flow… I felt so… ugh.. Thanks to Kuya Lyle and Kuya Andrew for having mobile internet. 🙂 We placed second on the Quiz Night (naman, That’s Entertainment and ST time… Like, wala akong kaalam-alam niyan). Kuya Olan, Ate Brendel and Ate Leah were in the group 3 (and alam nila yun kaya nanalo sila). But then we didn’t go home without bringing some prizes! It’s my first time to attend a Christmas Party with the Davao Bloggers and it was a blast! Thank you Globe for having us there. 🙂

A Memorable Evening

I was so excited about the gathering because like I mentioned a while ago, it was the first time I’ve ever been to one with fellow bloggers. It made me realize one thing, that socialization is really healthy for all of us bloggers and that no matter which niche we are writing for, there’s more to it, there’s a tight bond holding us Davao based bloggers together. We’re practically family! Well, that’s at least how I felt then 🙂

This event has really challenged me to do better in the tasks I am assigned at the blog. Akala ko kasi dati, madali lang maging blogger… but there’s more to it than what meets the eye! Kailangang isasapuso ang pagsusulat at pagaalaga ng blog, at ng mga readers mo, so it’s no wonder that a little break, like the thanksgiving party by Globe was a sigh of relief for most of us. 🙂

Pinoy Teens Christmas in November Giveaway – NATIONWIDE

Like mentioned earlier in the post, Christmas is still far away… yet it is not going to stop us pursue this mini-giveaway to all our loyal readers who are using Globe prepaid! We had our share of joy and tokens from Globe, and now it’s time to share some of the goodies with you. We’ll be raffling off three (3) prepaid cards worth 100 pesos each. I know, the prizes seem low (boo!) but it’s also very easy to earn points for the electronic raffle!

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