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While Christmas is associated with merry and cheer, many find it unbearable and depressing. Ranging from feelings of inadequacy, homesickness, and craving the company of long-gone relatives, Christmas proves a trigger for a ton of emotions.

The extent of Christmas depression is even worse this festive season owing to the regulations to control the spread of COVID-19. Unlike previous years, many people are confined to various localities while some have lost their means of life. Even worse, some are either suffering from the virus or watching their loved ones suffer from it.

This article covers how to avoid Christmas depression and activities to partake in and make the festive season less daunting. is a go-to platform where you can monetize your skills and supplement your income sources in the festive season.

You could also invest in quality academic writing services to reduce the burden on your shoulders. Without further ado, here are some tips to avoid Christmas depression.

  1. Embrace your emotions

Society has shaped us to hide our emotions in order to avoid shame. However, pushing emotions aside only gives them more power over you.

To free yourself from your fears, it is better that you address them without making yourself the victim. As such, face your problems and be honest with what caused them and how they can be solved.

Are you, for instance, worried that your finances cannot accommodate your plans for the festive season? If so, it is better to face the frustrations and plan for what’s available than to beat yourself up for failing to satisfy various wants.

By being honest with yourself, you can discover the reasons behind various problems and avoid a similar condition in the future. For financial situations, you may adapt better spending habits and find more income-generating channels.  

  1. Speak to someone

We are our worst enemies. This is probably because we do not pardon our errors, thus live in constant fear and regret. When you keep to yourself, you may drown in sorrow and self-pity over issues you had no control over.

By opening up to someone, you not only get the consolation you need but also reduce the weight of your fears. You will often discover that others carry as significant a burden as you do, thus reducing self-pity.

However, ensure that you only share with trusted friends and relatives who can understand and keep your discussions confidential. Alternatively, engage a psychologist and get guidance on how to overcome your torment.

  1. Get out!

Depression, like a predator, strikes best when the victim is alone. This is often because you have more time to think about your problems and pity yourself.

As a result, each dawn sees you fall deeper into depression until someone else intervenes. To avoid this, engage in social activities with your friends and family.

Preferably, try out new activities and organize a schedule for the entire festive season, thus taking a break from your home environment.

  1. Avoid social media

It is human to desire company, attention, and wealth. When facing financial turmoil, have broken ties with a partner, or lost a loved one, seeing others have these may further increase your self-pity.

Even worse, being separated from your family following the CDC regulations on travel, you may experience stress when you see them lack the company you should provide. To avoid this, limit the use of social media and keep in touch with loved ones.

  1. Get enough sleep

Worry programs your brain to release cortisol, which can tamper with your sleeping patterns. Also, you may be tempted to watch shows late into the night, thus depriving yourself of enough sleep.

This may expose you to mental exhaustion and impair your judgment if carried out over long durations. To avoid this, ensure that you go to bed and avoid distractions that may keep you up all night.

Also, switch to sedating music like jazz and classical compositions and have a balanced diet. These adjustments help the brain to stabilize the production of various hormones.

  1. It will get better

Fortunately, nothing lasts forever. While all may seem lost, there will come a time when you will experience joy. If you can improve your position, do what is necessary, and forgive yourself for your errors.


A couple of factors can trigger Christmas depression. While it is manageable by maintaining a social life and finding resolutions to fix various problems, its weight may prove unbearable for some people.

In case you feel overburdened and feel an urge to harm yourself, contact a therapist for guidance to recovery. Also, be keen on friends and relatives to ensure their mental wellness and help them with the necessary help.