If you’re one of those who really love R&B, then well. Keep your eyes and ears open to find out whether it’s true or not that Chris Brown will be hitting Metro Manila, on the 29th of October.

According to some people, this has been verified and is true. I bet it’ll be one big event again for all the Philippine R&B lovers and I bet that It’ll be once again a very unforgettable night for the foreign artists. You know, as good as I do, that Filipinos are really top notch when it comes to welcome popular artists, especially from the USA and someone of such quality like Chris Brown.

The general admission for the said concert starts at 600 Pesoss and reach as high as 10,000 Pesos and 8,000 for VIP 2 (next 5 rows , after the VIP1), there are also of course, more accommodating prices going as low as 2,500 Pesos for Upper Box A, and 1,500 Pesos for upper box B.

If I’d be you, I’d better go and find a way reserving a ticket for one very fantastic musical event.