CHED postpones classes to June 15,2009

CHED postpones classes to June 15,2009

As formerly announced by my school’s official website, the Ateneo de Davao’s Www.Addu.Edu.Ph, the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) announced that all public and private schools and universities who run Colleges and graduate schools should have their classes postponed to June 15, 2009 instead of having them started today, the 8th of June, 2009.

The Ateneo campuses all over the Philippines are just a few of the schools to mention that diligently followed the advice per CHED to have the starting of classes at the Tertiary/College level postponed for one week, including the University of the Philippines which has a neighboring campus at the DLSU that has reported and confirmed one or more Swine Flu cases.

Wondering Universities and Colleges Nationwide is, why the whole Philippines or let’s say the whole College and Graduate Schools has to have their classes delayed for an week and the reasons as stated on a letter by CHED points out the following reasons, but not in exact words.

First and foremost the outbreak of Swine Flu (which is mainly going on in Manila and other regions including Zamboanga City who have reported two cases) by which the Commission on Higher Education would like to ensure the constantly incoming International Students to be given ample time to self-quarantine themselves for a week since majority of these international students are coming in from Swine Flu infected countries.

The second reason pointed out by the CHED is due to the bad weather locations around Luzon and Visayas are experiencing which makes it unconducive but for teaching personnel and students to learn and hard for students at remote places to proceed to school. While lastly, the third reason for the delay of classes from June 8 to June 15, 2009 was..

To give parents ample time to seek for additional financial resources to be able to send their children back to school for this school year 2009-2010 which has been a difficult task for our less fortunate brothers and sister that are dominantly affected by this Global Crisis going on as we speak.

I personally dislike the fact that classes have been postponed nationwide including cities that are still swine flu free this moment I am writing this article. I was pretty much excited this morning to start my college life at the Ateneo with a big smile on my face before people on plurk have confirmed the postponing of classes to next week. Meaning that I’ll be celebrating my birthday at home :p

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