GMA News’ 24 Oras reported that a mother by the name Mylene Alcantara claimed to have been maltreated by the local airline firm Cebu Pacific for discriminating her special child.

Cebu Pacific Personnel that time, tried to explain to Mylene Alcantara that certain company policy allows only two special children to be on board on the same flight.

With that, Alcantara’s son wasn’t the only one. A kid with down syndrome has already boarded the plane.

It would not have been such a big issue, aside from the hour delay before they were allotted to board the plane, but it was a big humiliation in front of the other passengers who knew nothing about what was going on and might have suspected her to be a criminal which is very discriminating and humiliating.

She is now looking forward to have a law suit act for her and her son’s justice after the humiliating act.

Cebu Pacific at the other end already expressed their apology towards Alcantara and the other passengers that have been affected.

It’s very sad to hear news like the one above, and I don’t know what to say and think about anymore. I can only hope and pray that the issue will resolve peacefully sooner than later before this becomes something bigger.

I’ve never had problems flying with Cebu Pacific, and their staff seems to be very friendly (cute, and sexy at times) too. Did you had any inconvenience flying Cebu Pacific Air? via [GMA News TV]

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