Canda plans to relocate Filipino Victims of Bagyong Ondoy (Ketsana) in their own land. A kind offer which may be abused by many Filipinos, but still, tanks for the help.

OTTAWA—Canada will fasttrack the immigration of Filipinos “directly and significantly” affected by tropical storm Ondoy (international codename: Ketsana) seeking to relocate here, Immigration Minister Jason Kenney announced Thursday.

Personally I wonder how they will do this. This kind act from the Canadian is prone to abuse by many Filipinos, and how direly our fellow brothers and sisters are in need of this support, we’ll never know who will step up and abuse this offer. For a matter of fact even the distribution of food is abused to a certain extend by a minority of people, which is one reason why the support at the presidential palace is limited. (another reason is that the food and the other goods are distributed to way more wrecked areas like Marikina)

In behalf of the thousands of people that are truly helped by the support that Canada offers; I’m very thankful that there are countries like them who act this way. But I don’t know for how long Canada can offer this kind of support program, because I see no way out of this but ending up being abused by Filipinos all over the place.

I find it unkind though that some people commented: Buti pa ang mga Canadian, may puso para tumulong (Canadian have heart to help), it sounds like these are not thankful about the help that other countries are offering. Remember, that the amount of support is not what really counts here, but the act of volunteering and offering any kind of support or donation is what matters.

What do you think about the plan of Ondoy Victims to migrate to Canada?

ps: I bet in the next few weeks this kindness will end. No, not because they don’t want to help anymore, but because of the probable abuse.