I had a short opportunity to take a look at a few screenshots of the latest happenings in Cagayan de Oro City, and it doesn’t looks great in Cagayan right now. Majority of Cagayan lies under water and both air and land transportation is on delay. Especially Air Transportation via Philippine Airlines, where its passengers are now stuck for the 3rd day in Manila. 

According to the staff of the Philippine Airlines, safety of our passengers comes first and that’s why they cannot allow any flight to Cagayan de Oro as of the moment the news have been flashed on National Television. Land Transportation via Cagayan de Oro is looking bad and there’s much delay on the routes of the buses that pass through Cagayan due to the heavy flood that the city of Cagayan is experiencing.

The vast part of Misamis Oriental (the Province of Cagayan) is experiencing heavy rainfall and water flood as well. It looks like mother nature is quiet against the people from the Misamis region right now and finds its revenge through these means? I’ve been wondering all day long why the rain keeps coming and going, and coming and going, and the flood experienced by the People in Misamis Oriental and Cagayan de Oro City pretty much explains everything.

Let’s pray for the 40,000+ fellow Filipinos that have lost their homes due to this natural calamity that has hit the Central Mindanao, Philippines.

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