The city of Cagayan de Oro has been hit by heavy rainfall, just like we have reported earlier, but it wasn’t really into much detail and those simple words do not fit the tragedy that has happened in Cagayan de Oro in the past few days. These pictures (here, here and here) may tell you a bit more about the tragic fate of our fellow brothers and sisters in Mindanao.Flood Victims in Cagayan de Oro City

While on my way of shutting down the computer, I came across a post of my fellow blogger friend (here) and I really had to lurk deeper into what has happened and how I could help. I may not have sufficient funds to support the feeding program which is spearheaded by Cagayan de Oro`s top notch WordPress Theme Developer Chiq Montes, but I thought that blogging about the feeding program may help somehow, or at least express our concern here at Pinoy Teens in regards to our fellow needy Filipinos.

She is asking for donations of any kind, and the main method to send in donations would be by sending money via Paypal to this address: any amount would do and literally any donation that you can give is much appreciated. For the people living around the Cagayan area, you can refer to Awatiro (here) on methods to send in clothing and other goods aside from money.

The money, like mentioned above will be used to buy food and other important things that the homeless people are in need of right now. But since it is a feeding program, food will be the priority. Hopefully there is someone so kind and good hearted who will send in money and find of other ways to get in touch with the people who are working to help out the ones in need right now in Cagayan de Oro City.

I am reposting this not because I’m after the SEO stuff that a lot of people have been thinking about lately. I wrote this because I feel like giving the least help that I could and that is writing a post (which will also be reposted on my other blogs). If you feel like helping but don’t have any financial amount to give, do a repost about this on your own blog and ask help from your frequent readers. This goes especially to the account of the people in Davao City, bet you also don’t want to be left with empty hands? If you knew about the heavy rainfall that has caused class suspension in Davao today, then I guess you know what to do next.

There has been a total of 68 US Dollar money being raised by people around the world wide web and the plurk community and she, we, everyone involved in the Cagayan de Oro Flood Victims Feeding Program is looking for your help.

I cannot do more but a repost because I have no money right now. Images used within this post are courtesy of the original article by Chiq Montes :p peash!