Cafe France has arrived in Davao City, opening their first branch outside Metro Manila at Rizal Street, Davao City. Read more about CafeFrance here.

CafeFrance has finally landed in Davao City! We’re so lucky because the CafeFrance at the Manila Bulletin Building on J.P Rizal Street serves as their first branch outside Metro Manila.

The branch at Rizal Street won’t be the only one that CafeFrance opens in Davao City. There are a few more others that will follow suit.

CafeFrance is more than just your usual Coffee Shop

CafeFrance promises to provide more than just the typical Coffee Shop experience many of us are accustomed to already. That, not just at Rizal Street, but at the Upper Ground Floor of Gaisano Mall of Davao and at The Peak of the same Mall as well.

CafeFrance now in Davao

CafeFrance now in Davao. Credit to Perry

Having been to the opening of their first branch in Davao City, it clearly differs a lot from the typical Coffe Shops – providing a homey and cozy feel that makes you want not just to take a coffe break, but hangout with family and friends at CafeFrance.

Of course, it’s not just the venue that’s great looking and all, but the food is great tasting as well.

From Butter Croissants to Baguettes and Pasta – you name it!

As the name suggests, many of their meals come with that European touch that I’ve been longing for so long here in Davao. ‘course, there are places where you can have a European dining experience – but only CafeFrance seems to be reasonably priced for what they offer.

High Quality Food Prepared Only As Ordered

CafeFrance is here to offer fresh and healthy food choices which are sorely missing in the urban foodscape. Our food is prepared only as ordered, and we have studied out menu items carefully checking on nutritional values that each one gives the diner. We know no shortcuts – just serving food the way food should be cooked and served,” said Ms. Baltazar, CafeFrance’s Business United Head.

It’s surely another hangout to add to my long list of favorites in Davao City. See to it to check them out at the locations given above and experience yourself the fresh and healthy food they have to offer to all Davaoeños.

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