How ironic, the favored Brazilian Soccer Squad, Male and Female where unable to succeed for the Gold Medal. The might have ever so well played against other though competitive nations at the Beijing 2008 Olympics, but that was far from enough to bag the Gold.

Both teams got eliminated in the Play Offs, the Women against the United States, and the Men, against the Argintinian Soccer Team. The Women may have showed off great talent and a very nice first touch against Gemany leaving them behind by 3 markers. But in the game against the United States, this was not the case, although, they’ve played some excellent ball.

The Male Team, which was able to classify for the play offs, let the Gold slip away right from their hands as they have been defeated by Argentina with 3 markers, at a score of 3 to nothing.

What more upset matches are we going to see in the Olympics in Beijing?