Boxing News:

Manny the Pacman prevails once again, making the FIlipino Nation Proud! Some criticized him and his coach for being over confident that he may loose to his opposition, whilst other people are stunned by the words they’ve left before the fight.

Pacman’s Coach himself said, some time before the match that it’s impossible for Diaz to take down Manny, only a miracle would contribute to his downfall. And indeed, it’s true. Manny Pacquiao took the champion of the respective division down, and made history again, Philippine History! For being the first Filipino to hold on the title of which Diaz had in his hands few hours ago.

Pacquiao took down Diaz on the round which has just been predicted by his Coach and other boxing analysts. Indeed, Diaz was no match for Manny Pacquiao, nevertheless has he played a perfect match this time arond (Pacman). The first round might appear to be a little of trouble for our present National Hero, but from the significant combinations in the 2nd round, Pacman really showed off his guts, and showed to the world that he ain’t be over-confident, but very true of his words.

Congratulations to the Pacman, another Philippine endeavor that a lot of people will gonna celebrate for the weeks to come. He appears to be God-like at this very moment, and has also earned the title (given by a fan) as the MEXI cutioner. Who keeps on exiling mexicans match by match. May he stand another nation of Boxers next time?